Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 577

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Chapter 577

A suspicion flashed across Jason’s eyes, “Where is my daddy?”

Guan Xiao was crying blood, but a bitter smile appeared on Jun’s face, “Oh, how dare we bother him with this kind of thing? You don’t know your daddy, he is a busy man with every opportunity.”

Jason’s faint gaze locked Guan Xiao’s eyes sharply, “he is too busy to see us anymore. Isn’t he afraid that no one will send him the end on the day he died?”

A touch of pain flashed through Guan Xiao’s eyes.

It would be great if the president could die!

Jason’s pupils shrank, and his heart shrank.

He guessed that Daddy hadn’t visited them for so long, he must have encountered force majeure obstruction.

Now Media Asia is also in trouble. It seems that things are much worse than he thought.

“Give me the computer.” Jason said.

Guan Xiao quickly handed the laptop he had brought to Jason.

Jason ran into the study with the computer in his arms, and quickly sat in front of the computer, with his slender little fingers resting on the computer keyboard, opening the webpage with skill!

He originally wanted to search for hot news, but the computer was manipulated. Except for being able to open Media Asia’s internal network, all other search pages were emptied.

The anxiety in Jason’s heart widened. He glared at Guan Xiao, “Why don’t I use the search page?”

Guan Xiao touched his nose and recited the lie he had conceived a long time ago: “This is the test that the president deliberately put you on. The president hopes that you can build an ecological search page with your own skills.”

Jason said, “Go outside and wait for me. Give me an hour.”

Guan Xiaohe and Jifeng didn’t doubt he was there, and turned to the outside living room.

An hour later, when Guan Xiao and Jifeng used their mobile phones to check the Media Asia network, they found that the network was still paralyzed.

The two people were a little bit lost, thinking that the hacking skills of Jason were not against each other, they walked into the study anxiously, and asked Jason, “Shu Su, is the other side particularly awesome?”

Jason did not reply.

Sitting on a chair like a puppet, his eyes are blushing. His expression was extremely painful.

Guan Xiao and Haifeng glanced at each other, suddenly feeling bad. Two people ran to the computer, but saw a dozen negative messages related to Media Asia on the computer screen.

Regarding the life or death of the president of Media Asia, Media Asia’s stock index is turbulent, and worrying news about Media Asia’s future is like flying goose feathers on the computer screen.

The secrets that Guan Xiao desperately put in the bottle now all jumped out.

Guan Xiaohe Jifeng’s face was solemn, and they didn’t know how to comfort this mature child.

Soon Derek and Faith also realized that something was wrong in the study. The two children walked in. When they saw the web page on the computer screen, Faith almost immediately burst into tears.

“I’m going to find Daddy!”

Derek was shocked.

The scene was a little out of control, and the wind hugged Faith and said in choked comfort: “Faith, you have to be obedient, and there will be nothing wrong with Daddy.”

How can Faith hear it, “You are liars, bad guys, you don’t let us see Daddy. I hate you!”

Guan Xiao sank weakly on the stool.

For a long time, I heard the voice of Jason’s anger like a gossi, “Uncle Guan Xiao, I want to know all the truth.”

Guan Xiao raised his head in shock, the young and mature posture of Jason, and the childlike voice that has slowly transformed into a man, all contain an irresistible aura.

He couldn’t even continue to think of Jason as a child.

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