Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 617

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Chapter 617

Irene blushed with shame, “President, I’m just your nurse, I’m only responsible for taking care of your daily life.”

Jacob’s face was covered with black lines.

Irene saw that he was unhappy, so she tentatively asked: “President, do you want a woman?”

Jacob stared at her with a bad feeling in his heart for some reason.

Sure enough, Irene said half-jokingly and half earnestly: “If you want a woman, can I help you?”

Jacob saw the evil smile circulating in his eyes.

“Yeah.” He answered unclearly.

He just wants to see what she plays!

Irene stood up suddenly, held his hand, and put his hand on her neckline.

“President, I can serve you.” Her eyes flowed, glamorous and charming.

Suddenly, a fire burst into Jacob’s body. Breaking away from her hand, he cursed: “Can you be more reserved?”

Irene blushed and responded obediently, “Oh.”

Then she sat on the chair properly. Well-behaved and pure as a student.

Jacob was so troubled by her, his heart was rippling.

He was entangled as to whether or not to end the game of punishing her, and to recognize her, at least the moment of meeting would be very happy now.

Janice’s crying voice suddenly came, Irene and Jacob looked at each other, and then ignoring Jacob, immediately ran out.

Jacob made his face black suddenly.

Did she just throw him in the bedroom?

Her care for Janice can be seen from this.

Jacob picked up the Don’t Abandon Bell under the pillow and shook it violently.

Irene turned back halfway, Jacob looked at her resentfully and reminded her, “My sister is crying, why you are worried?”

Irene only then remembered that she was still wearing a mask and her identity had not been revealed yet. Just running out like this, Janice may not lead her kindness.

“President, I’m a warmhearted person, and I don’t hear other people cry the most. Especially a soft girl like Janice.” Irene explained.

The black air lingering between Jacob’s eyebrows became more serious.

Why did she hear a strong lesbian taste in her mouth?

“Help me out.” Jacob said in a bad mood.

Irene hurriedly hugged him into the wheelchair and pushed him out.

The three Mengbao heard their aunt’s cry, and ran down from the stairs to ask for warmth.

“Auntie, who bullied you? Why are you crying so sad?” Angel Faith wiped the tears for Janice. One side softly said.

Jason said coolly, “Isn’t you usually a tall person? It’s embarrassing to cry when being bullied.”

Derek enthusiastically said: “Auntie, crying can’t solve the problem, let’s talk, whoever bullied you, we will help you fight back.”

Janice raised her tearful face and sobbed: “Yes…yes…you’re…grandfather…oooo…”

As soon as the three Mengbao heard that they were grandpas, they immediately changed the subject of the current affairs.

“That’s your family affair, it is not convenient for me to wait for outsiders to intervene.” Jason said.

Faith felt the same, “Auntie, there is no overnight hatred between father and daughter.”

Derek said, “I’m just a child, I don’t understand things between adults.”

Janice sobbed, “You little ones, didn’t you just say you want to help me?”

Derek said: “But we can’t help you tear down the old man’s old bones, right?”

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