Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 718

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Chapter 718

The old man sullen slightly, “It’s not enough for you to have this ambition. You have to spend your time running our Yan family’s business. Now our Yan family’s business is contended by the Tian family and has shrunk. You have to find a way to bring our customers back. , Let the company move towards formality step by step.”

Irene knew that she was bad, so Grandpa didn’t believe her determination. So she stood her spine and asked the grandfather for instructions, “Grandpa, you give me a goal. Granddaughter promises to complete it.”

Seeing her coming, the old lady said: “Two years, I want you to resume the production of the Yanjia smart chip. And take off the laurel of the leading enterprise of Zhan’s.”

Irene glanced at Yu Chengqian, who was happy and contented, and secretly said: The mobile phone chip in this guy is more high-end than Zhan’s. Zhan’s chip leader laurel is long gone.

Irene took an oath and said: “Granddaughter promises to complete the task.”

The old man stretched his brows.

At this time the taxi driver ran in and shouted, “Miss, do you still pay me the fare?”

The old man’s face became gloomy again.

“You owe people the fare. It’s spread out, how do you make Grandpa’s old face live?”

After talking about raising his hand, Irene was about to be beaten, but Yu Chengqian suddenly stretched out his hand to support the old man’s hand and said with a smile, “I will solve it.”

Then he went to the driver, “How much?”

“Two hundred.” The driver said.

Yu Chengqian handed him a wad of banknotes, “Miss Yan, noble lady forgets things, not deliberately owes money. You take care of your mouth and don’t talk nonsense.”

The driver was generously compensated and nodded with joy, “Yes, yes. I will pay attention.”

After dismissing the taxi driver, the old lady started a new round of calculations. “Lingbao, tell me what’s the matter between you and this gentleman?”

With a bitter face, Irene said softly: “Ten days ago, I accidentally crashed into his car and he kindly saved me.”

The old lady looked at Yu Chengqian. He had a wealth of experience and insight. From Yu Chengqian’s gestures to his luxuries. From a valuable button on his body to the natural arrogance between his brows and eyes.

He always feels that this person’s identity is by no means simple.

“I heard that it was the granddaughter’s lifesaver. The old lady thanked me very politely”: “Thank you. My family Lingbao is causing you trouble.”

Yu Chengqian looked at Irene affectionately, and made no secret of his love for Irene.

“Grandpa, I came here today to propose marriage. I hope you will mate Irene to me. I promise you that I will treat her well.”

The old lady was startled. The stern gaze cast a strange glance at Irene, who was aggrieved. She looks so cute, can you blame her?

“I don’t think you know yet, my granddaughter is someone who has a history of marriage. Your husband is handsome and energetic, and you will definitely be able to find a better girl than our Irene.” The old lady said modestly.

Yu Chengqian said, “Grandpa, I’m serious. You will marry Irene to me, and I will take care of the Yan family’s business for you. Within two years, I promise to restore your Yan family to its former glory.”

Irene’s eyes widened, “Have you investigated our Yan family?”

Yu Chengqian nodded.

Confidently said, “I like you, so I will naturally learn about your family.”

Mrs. Yan was silent for a long time.

This man, looks very uncomfortable?

“Sir, this matter, after all, is my granddaughter’s lifelong happiness. If she can love you, I have no objection.” This was a tactful rejection.

In other words, the task of rejecting Yu Chengqian’s big trouble was pushed to Irene.

Irene was directly rude to Yu Chengqian, “Could you leave first. If you show up in my house so recklessly, it will scare my family.”

Yu Chengqian stood up and said goodbye very gentlemanly: “I will pick you up in three days.”

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