Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 777

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Chapter 777

Irene smiled happily, “Warlord, what do you say. I look forward to meeting you every day.”

She smiled, making Jacob tremble all over.

“Irene, I reminded you not to associate with men who are not three or four.” Jacob’s voice became cold.

Irene groaned: “Master Zhan, do you still need me to remind you? Since I was little, my mother has forbidden me to be with people who are not three or four. Let alone men who are not three or four are not three. Women who are not four are not good either.”

“Pretend to be dumb?” Jacob’s voice seemed to come from hell.

Irene is a rousing spirit, this seems to be concealed.

Irene whispered in a low voice, “Master of War, whoever did not commit two crimes when he was young.”

The implication is that Zhan Ye did this kind of thing when he was young.

This made Zhan Ye immediately remembered the past when he was crazy about love when he was young.

When she was sick and had a fever, he couldn’t help kissing her, and she caught a cold.

She went to school in a different place in university, and he couldn’t bear the torture of unrequited love. He went to the university to see her almost every weekend.

When she came to her aunt, he would drink ginger sugar water with her.


Looking back now, he feel a little absurd.

Jacob’s handsome face became more and more gloomy, because he suddenly realized that Yu Chengqian’s love for Grace seemed to be the same as he did in the past-like crazy.

“Do you like him?” Jacob’s hand gripped the armrest of the wheelchair. After asking this question, his heart beat extremely violently.

If her answer is yes, he has no idea how he should face his future.

Irene lowered her head, with a wave of resentment, and resented: “Who I like in my heart, you don’t know who I like.”

Jacob’s heart was almost suffocating, because her words suddenly returned to normal beating.

The haze covering the head seemed to have been swept away.

The ice and snow under his eyes melted, and his voice became clearer when he spoke, “If you don’t like him, don’t sult others casually.”

He was afraid that this girl was born with a lively and soft personality. Even if she didn’t mean to Yu Chengqian, she could not help showing her skinless stubbornness.

Just like to him, always teasing him unscrupulously.

Unexpectedly, Irene was furious with her words.

“I didn’t tease him.” She yelled with clenched fists.

She admits that she sometimes has no skin and face in front of Jacob, and loves to say something unruly. But it was all because she liked him.

And their relationship is so close, she has liked him since she was a child, and has liked him for two lifetimes, so she naturally thought of slapping him.

But she avoided other men for fear.

Jacob looked at Irene’s face that was violent from anger, only to realize that his words just now made her wronged.

“What are you doing in Media Asia?” He quickly changed the subject.

Irene was still angry, and said indifferently, “Come and take my sister home.”

Jacob frowned, “My dad won’t let anyone go.”

Irene vowed to say: “I promised my grandfather that I must take her home. If Zhan Tingye dares to stop, I will poke out his embarrassment.”

Jacob said: “His scandal has already been searched. You use this to threaten him, I’m afraid it’s useless.”

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