Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 829

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Chapter 829

Yu Chengqian looked contemptuously and said: “Printing house? How slow is the money coming?”

As soon as he said this, everyone in the room looked up at him almost worshipping.

Some people look down on banknote printing houses? What kind of fairy boss is this?

Jacob said yinly: “Does your family use coins as dark coins?”

Irene chuckled.

Jacob’s poisonous tongue can always drive his popularity crazy.

Yu Chengqian smiled without anger, “Ignorance.”

The two words again choked Jacob.

Cui Anru didn’t care about the quarrel between these two top bosses. She only thought about her house payment, “Zhan Shao, since you are willing to invest 500 billion yuan to buy this Yan family compound, when will the money be in place?”

Irene was afraid that Jacob and Yu Chengqian would drive up the house price, purely because of the outcome. She is afraid she really won’t be able to spend this part of the money. She came forward to make a round of it, “Our Yan family are all honest businessmen. The market price of this house price is about 26 billion yuan. You only need to pay this price if you want to buy it.”

Irene’s behavior, in Silvia’s view, was just trying to curry favor with Jacob.

“You want to be a good old person yourself, why do you send our Yan family compound out cheaply?” Silvia was very unhappy. It was obviously a house price of 500 billion yuan, which shrank greatly after being disturbed by Irene.

Cui An agreed, “Yes.”

Jacob and Yu Chengqian were immediately furious.

The mother and daughter thought that the Yan family was a treasure, and their willingness to pay a high price was nothing but hope that Irene would live more comfortably.

Jacob suddenly said: “The child is only eight years old, how he can count his business? 50 billion.”

Jacob re-prices.

Yu Chengqian yelled, “Jacob. You, you, you-so insidious. I knew you couldn’t put out 500 billion, so I deliberately asked Jason to bid with me. I don’t agree -“

Cui Anru sneered, “Young Master Zhan, it turns out that he can’t come up with hundreds of billions of assets. Why didn’t you say it earlier? Let a half-dangling child waste time.”

Then he looked at Yu Chengqian with a spring breeze. Flattered: “Mr. Yu, this house is still yours.”

Yu Chengqian also noticed that Cui Anru used him to squeeze Irene out. “Huh. This broken house, if it weren’t because Irene lived in it, don’t give it to me for nothing.”

Cui Anru’s face was blue and white.

Had to turn her head to Irene, “Miss makes her own decision.”

Irene looked at Jacob. He had always done business only for profit, but this time he was willing to let so much profit. She doesn’t know what medicine he sells in the gourd?

“Since the war master is willing to pay 50 billion, then I’m not welcome.”

Jacob nodded.

That’s it. The Yan family compound was sold to Jacob for 50 billion.

Jacob deliberately tested Jason, “The next thing. Do you know what to do?”

“Yeah.” Jason nodded.

Jacob glanced at Irene, always feeling gloomy between her eyebrows, feeling very sad.

“Irene, I will be back soon to pick up the child.” He said suddenly.

Irene stared at him blankly…

“Take care of… the children.” He wanted to tell her to take care of herself. But he changed his words again when he reached the lips.

“Let’s go,” he ordered hoarsely.

Ye Feng pushed him away.

Irene chased out, “Warlord!”

Ye Feng stopped, Irene looked at the back of Jacob Qingjun, and said, “Thank you for saving me that day.”

Jacob’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he was frustrated that he hadn’t protected her at the mountain villa that day. Under the impulse, she said without a consideration, and she said too much, which completely broke her heart.

Why did she thank him today?

“A little effort.” He said lightly.

Irene was startled slightly, he treated her with nothing but coldness.

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