Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 882

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Chapter 882

Thinking that Jacob had assigned him such an arduous task, Irene began to scold Jacob again, “Jue Zhan Han, you kill a thousand swords!”

Irene walked over, took the face wash from Tan Xiaoyu, and begged Tan Xiaoyu: “Sister-in-law, let me take care of him once, okay?”

She felt ashamed, and it was because she loved the wrong person that Irene followed her to suffer.

Tan Xiaoyu stood up and handed her the face wash. Softly said: “Sister Irene, don’t be sad, your brother is still swearing, so it shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“Yeah.” Irene nodded.

Irene lifted up his bloody legs and said, “Look carefully, it’s okay? Jacob beat me severely and threw me from the car window onto the highway. If I wasn’t physically strong, I have already reported to Yan Wangye.”

Irene cried even harder.

Both shoulders began to tremble.

Yu Chengqian’s handsome face became expressionless and lacking temperature.

Irene’s gaze fell on Yu Chengqian, “Why is this guy in my house?”

Irene said: “He is my friend, Yu Chengqian. Today, he sent me home for the loss. Otherwise, I should have lost the Yan family’s face today.”

Yu Cheng Qianjun has a warm smile on his face.

Irene’s expression is somewhat intriguing.

Before Jacob cut his heart to him, he really liked Yu Chengqian. After all, such a rich young man is willing to spend his time spoiling his sister. If Irene supports him, he can be angry with Jacob for not cherishing his sister.

But when he knew that the coldness and ruthlessness of Jacob to his younger sister was behind him, it was his greatest love. Irene could not stand the opposite of Jacob.

He understood Jacob’s pain.

Therefore, Irene’s attitude towards Yu Chengqian turned into rejection.

Irene looked at Yu Chengqian with a guarded face, “You kid can be patient, let my sister look at you so soon. But don’t be proud of you too early, my sister will not like you. How much effort do you do with her It’s all in vain. I advise you to die sooner.”

Yu Chengqian smiled and said, “The success of the Long March is because the revolutionary soldiers took the first step bravely.”

By implication, after Irene regarded him as a friend, he made the first step.

Irene said, “Don’t scream! Don’t say you take a step, you are almost at the end, and you will fail.”

Tan Xiaoyu pushed Yanzheng, and said strangely: “Zhengzheng, that Young Master Zhan is so ruthless to Sister Irene, you haven’t seen it. Now some people like Sister Irene, what are you obstructing him?”

Irene sighed heavily.

He also knew that his sister was still so young and she looked like a flower. If Jacob died, his sister would have no reason to stay widow for him forever.

But thinking of those silly things Jacob had done for Irene in his life, Irene felt that Irene was too sorry for Irene to be with other men.

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