Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 903

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Chapter 903

Irene stood up, his whole body pain made her grin and groan.
He rolled up his sleeves, but found that his arm was bruised with bruises everywhere. There were also scratches on the nails.

Irene stared at Janice suspiciously, “Did you beat me while I was drunk?”

Janice was a little guilty, “Don’t wrong the good guys. It’s obviously that you went to the bar by yourself, and the boss beat you up. I kindly picked you back.”

“Then what are these scratches?” Irene’s gaze fell on Janice’s long nails.

Janice secretly glanced at the shocking scratches on his arm, and he didn’t know whether it was left when Fat beat her yesterday, or when she was too violent to roll the bed sheets with him.

“I dragged you back, so I accidentally scratched you.” Janice said in a prevarication.

Irene scratched the back of her head, “You dragged me back? Why don’t I remember?”

“You drank pieces.”

Irene remembered the reason why he went to the bar to buy drunk, his face suddenly became sad.

“Janice, I lost Derek.”

In front of her, it seems that all emotions need not be disguised.

He grabbed his hair in pain, tears rolling out.

Janice said: “I already know. After you were drunk, you told Sister Irene I’m sorry a hundred times. She said I’m sorry to my eldest brother two hundred times. I told Derek I’m sorry three hundred times.”

Irene stared at Janice in a daze, “Is it that exaggerated?”

Janice said, “All night, you have not stopped apologizing. Irene, although I lost Derek, I am also sad, but I know that this was an accident and you didn’t mean it. Instead of blaming yourself, It’s better to devote time and energy to searching for Derek.”

Irene seemed encouraged and stopped blaming himself.

“You are right, I must cheer up and find Derek no matter what.”

Janice’s eyes were bright and shiny, and Derek was so small, if he was abducted by a bad guy, he would not dare to think about the consequences.

Besides worrying about Derek, Janice also worried about Irene.

“Does my brother know about this?” Janice felt that with Jacob’s love for his children, if he knew that Irene had lost Derek, he would definitely cut Irene a thousand swords.

Irene nodded.

A surprised expression appeared beside Janice’s gorgeous face, “Isn’t my brother embarrassing you?”

Irene was in front of her with hands and feet, this was not Jacob’s style. Especially now Jacob. Violent and ruthless than before.

Irene’s mind was a little messy, and he had never been defensive against Janice, so he blurted out unguardedly, “Your brother is in a state of exhaustion now, how can he have the energy to control me?”

Janice’s beautiful pupils shrank tightly.

Irene’s words are very informative.

What happened to Jacob, who was able to do everything, was trapped, and even his son was missing without flaws intervening?

“Have my brother encountered any difficulties?” Janice asked tremblingly.

She has a faintly uneasy premonition. Wouldn’t her eldest brother become so ruthless for no reason?

Irene was pulled back by Janice’s words to all his thoughts that had broken down. He was stunned, a panic flashed in his eyes.

“No, no.”

In order to conceal his panic, Irene emphasized particularly exaggeratedly: “A person like him has always avoided her when she encounters difficulties. What can he be trapped?”

The more she explained, the more it seemed that there was no silver in this place.

Janice put on an expression of disbelief.

Irene stood up in a panic, “I should go.”

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