Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 911

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Chapter 911

Yu Chengqian suddenly stretched out his hand to hold Irene’s cold little hand tightly, and said with relief: “Irene, don’t worry, your child, I will treat them as my own.”

Irene picked up the chopsticks and hit Yu Chengqian’s back fiercely, “Let go of my sister’s hand. In broad daylight, pulling and pulling is indecent.”

Yu Chengqian withdrew his hands and said with a gentlemanly elegant smile: “Is your Yan family’s tutor so strict?”

Irene said: “What do you mean? My father is called strict. You can imagine how traditional and old-fashioned our family is. If you want to pursue my sister, you have to endure the heavy tests before marriage. For example, pre-marital abstinence, holding hands kissing will not work, at most I will let you secretly give it a go.”

Yu Chengqian listened very carefully. And record it carefully.

Irene quietly appreciated Irene’s performance.

She was very surprised how Irene, who was born to be a foul, had the face to express his premarital abstinence.

“Did you and your sister-in-law get the certificate?” Irene asked.

Irene blurted out, “No.”

Irene said, “Then do you live together?”

Only then did Irene realize that there is a trap in Irene’s problem, and shouted, “Irene, you are more in charge than the aunt of the neighborhood committee. Are you not afraid to worry too much and get old quickly?”

Irene said: “You can’t do things yourself, why do you ask me like this?”

Irene stunned, “Irene, are you so hungry and thirsty? Anxious to sleep with a strange man?”

Irene gas knot.

Yu Chengqian said happily, “Irene, I can do anything here.”

Irene stared at Yu Chengqian angrily, “Are you staring at my sister?”

Yu Chengqian said frankly: “It’s true that I am in love with Irene at first sight, and goodbye. In this life, I, Yu Chengqian, will not marry her.”

Irene sneered twice: “Hey. Love at first sight? That is to say, you only think of my sister when she is beautiful?”

Yu Chengqian shrugged, “A fair lady, a gentleman is so charming. This is human nature.”

“Superficial.” Irene said.

“Will you fall in love with those sloppy and dirty women at first sight?” Yu Chengqian asked back.

Irene was speechless.

After half a day, he squeezed out some nutritious words in his mind, “You want to marry my sister, then do you know what my sister likes? My sister likes to eat vegetables in meat dishes, and then select the meat for others to eat? Can you bear it?”

Yu Chengqian condensed his eyebrows, “Why do I have to eat? Isn’t it enough to throw the trash can?”

Irene spread his arms towards Irene, “it is not your food.”

Yu Chengqian became eager to survive and smiled, “For the sake of Irene, I can eat her leftovers.”

Irene said: “Even if you are willing to eat the meat she picked out, you still have to look at your body to fight for it. Don’t eat too much meat, your body will become deformed, and your cholesterol will rise. Don’t blame my sister then. Despise you.”

Yu Chengqian said, “Isn’t it normal for my body to be deformed after eating fat for a long time? I believe Irene will not dislike me.”

Irene said: “Some people have been eating for more than ten years, and they are still in the top class.”

This is helping Jacob and Irene show affection in a disguised form.

Yu Chengqian’s face suddenly became a little embarrassed.

Irene gave Irene a white look and said in a vengeful manner: “He has nothing to do with me, Irene, I don’t want to hear you speak to him in the future.”

Irene’s face was sad: “Would you like to be so absolutely?”

Looking back secretly, she saw Jacob silently walking towards the exit.

Faltering, sad back.

Irene’s heart was sore and swollen.

“I and him, he will walk on his single-plank bridge in the future, and I will walk on my sunny road. They have nothing to do with each other.” Irene said.

When Jacob heard Irene’s decisive voice, a touch of desolation rose in his heart.

Busy for most of her life, it ended up like this in the end.

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