Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 912

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Chapter 912

This is her life, he can’t help it at all.

“Hey, I won’t tell you anymore.”

Irene hurried to the ordering point, bought a box lunch and hurriedly chased it out.

But where is Jacob in the busy streets?

At the entrance of the restaurant, in a low-key ordinary car, Jacob took off his sunglasses and his stern eyes fell to the entrance of the restaurant.

Yu Chengqian and Irene came out talking and laughing.

“Irene, I will see you off.” Gentleman Yu Chengqian suggested.

Irene declined, “No, I want to be alone.”

Irene turned around and left after speaking, her expression was instantly replaced by loneliness.

Yu Chengqian strode forward suddenly, hugging Irene tightly from behind.

“Irene, I hope you can be my wife. Let me be with you and forget the past. Okay?”

Jacob’s pupils tightened, his fists clenched.

But the angry expression quickly eased, and his fist was loosened weakly.

Since he decided to let her live and someone loves her, he should be more generous and bless her, right?

But why is it so uncomfortable in his heart.

Irene’s face became dark, and her voice became cold, “Yu Chengqian, let go.”

Yu Chengqian helplessly let go of Irene.

Irene turned her head, the expression on her face was very serious, “You probably don’t know, but I also have a hygienic disorder. Except for him, other men touching me will make me feel very uncomfortable. So in this life, I will not start another relationship. Yu Chengqian, don’t waste time on me, it’s not fair to you.”

Yu Chengqian smiled elegantly, “I am too anxious. Irene, I will wait for you. Waiting for you to take time to heal your wounds.”

Irene’s eyes burst into tears, “Thank you. But-you may not be able to wait in this life.”

Yu Chengqian said, “It doesn’t matter, I will spend my whole life entangled with you.”

Irene felt guilty, “I’m sorry.”

Then turned and left.

Yu Chengqian raised his hand, “Irene, goodbye.”

The ring on the middle finger flashed a cold blue light under the refracted sunlight.

Cold light shot into Jacob’s eyes, Jacob closed his eyes, and then opened them again, and the sharp eyes fell on Yu Chengqian’s ring.

That is a ring. A letter c is engraved in the middle.

Jacob was attracted by the special font of the c character, and flashed in his mind the huge hidden weapon ring he encountered at the scene of the massacre in Mingyue Village that day.

Although they were two completely different rings, the dynamic Jacob keenly grasped their common ground.

Both rings have the same engraved lettering.

The difference is that Yu Chengqian’s ring is engraved in Yang.

The ring in Mingyue Village is engraved in engraving.

Jacob pondered: Those who belong to the sun can walk in the sun.

The yin should be the killer lurking in the dark.

It must be so.

Jacobying’s gaze shifted to Yu Chengqian’s gentle face.

Abandon personal dislike of him, to be fair. This guy looks really good.

The eyebrows are picturesque and enchanting.

This made him couldn’t help but think of his mother, Cassandra.

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