Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 913

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Chapter 913

Yu Chengqian and his mother, their pupils are the same dark, black pupils are like the two brightest Char stars inlaid on the endless night.

Their skin is the kind of flawless skin that is white and creamy, and the milky white skin looks like it has been soaked in milk.

So his mother is a magnificent beauty.

This makes Yu Chengqian look like a boy and a girl.

And they have one thing in common: both are surnamed Yu!

“Ye Feng, go back.” Jacob suppressed his inner surging.

After returning to the tourmaline, Jacob shut himself in the study and drew two drafts of the ring.

Then he handed it to Ye Feng and exhorted: “If I didn’t infer it wrong, this should be the letter of the apocalyptic organization. It was immediately created overnight, and your ghost members should be able to help you escape.”

Ye Feng’s lips lifted, “President, what about you?”

A dark shadow appeared on the face of Jacob Junyi, “These days, I have checked all the information about the apocalyptic organization. I know their style of behavior, and the warrior will not end this revenge without paying a heavy price. Ye Feng, let me end this grievance.”

Ye Feng looked at the calendar on the wall, and there were three days left, and bad luck would come.

Jacob stood up from the chair, his long and stalwart body was like the emperor of the dark night, and his whole body shot a fierce and inviolable aura. “It’s time for me to make final plans for Tourmaline Manor.”

Jacob moved to Aiyue Castle, the old lady snorted angrily when seeing him, and ignored him at all.

From the day Jacob returned to the tourmaline manor arbitrarily, the old lady hadn’t given him a good look.

Jacob squatted in front of the old lady and smiled and said, “When will you breathe with me? Three days later, you and I will go to the Yin Cao Jifu. When the time comes, we will cast our own fetuses. We may never see each other again. Can’t you teach grandchildren again these days?”

The old lady was frustrated.

“Jacob, you said you are dying, why are you still in the mood to tell a joke?”

This is why the old lady loves Jacob.

Jacob will always be calm and relaxed, and not chaotic in the face of danger.

“Grandpa, everyone is going to die. Grandson, who has been heart-piercing to love in this life, will die without regret.” Jacob said.

“Is there really no regrets?” The old lady said: “If you give her the Media Asia Empire, you are not afraid that she will take the foundation you have worked so hard to create, take your sons and daughters, and marry your least favorite man?”

A fleeting sharpness flashed across Jacob’s calm face.

The old lady sighed, “Reluctant, isn’t it? Reluctant to get out of the tourmaline. I believe you, with your ability, there will be no problem in protecting yourself.”

Jacob said: “Grandpa, don’t waste time on such meaningless topics. I am here today to discuss with you the countermeasures against the organization of the end times.”

The old man’s head shook like a rattle, “There is no countermeasure except waiting for death.”

Jacob looked at Dieweiying not far away, “If Grandpa is waiting to die, and why let them stay in the tourmaline to die?”

A guilty conscience shot in the eyes of the old lady.

“I can’t hide anything from you.”

The old man held his face and started to discuss with Jacob in a serious manner, “Jacob, the slaughter city in the last days will definitely use biochemical weapons. Fortunately, your mother lived in tourmaline for so many years, our war family also understands. Part of the biological and chemical weapons. Grandpa made a chariot that can resist biological and chemical weapons. Then you will drive this chariot.”

Jacob’s perfunctory cooperation. “Okay. The senior plastic surgery instructor of the Legendary Youth University made some disguises masks. Then I will find a few people of the same size as you to be your scapegoats. And you just need to hide in the underground palace obediently. But you need to wait two days for rescue hungry.”

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