Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 914

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Chapter 914

The old man nodded with a smile, “Okay.”

Both strategists believe that their arrangements for each other are the perfect plan. He believe he can decipher the flaws of the other party.

“Jacob. You have to talk and count. You don’t get in a chariot. Grandpa won’t enter the underground palace.”

Jacob is an excellent negotiator, “At 23:59, you and I will execute each other’s arrangements.”

The old lady didn’t get half a bargain, and was very unhappy. “You, I never let Grandpa ever since I was young. Do you know how to respect the elderly?”

Jacob Bronze Teeth and Iron Teeth, said: “But grandpa, since I was a baby waiting to be fed, I am afraid I have never let me once. Love children, do you know what love for children is grandpa? Grandpa never taught me what love for children is , I did not learn to respect the elderly.”

The old man waved at him, “Go, you always come to piss me off.”

Jacob got up and left.

The old man’s fingers tapped on the coffee table in front of him, with a puzzled expression on his face, “I think how do you hide us in the underground palace?”

Jacob walked out of Aiyue Castle, looking up at the number on the tower that was decreasing every day.


On the handsome face of the ice sculpture, there is a smile that is sure to win.

Two days later.

Irene had called Derek every day for the last two days, but the other party was always unanswered. This made Irene feel uneasy.

She had to call a friend from the s country to ask about the Taekwondo competition.

But her friends all told her: “S country has not held any juvenile taekwondo competition recently.”

Irene felt a heart fall into the ice cave.

She finally plucked up the courage and called Jacob to ask what happened.

A song from the other side, sang briskly and brightly. Irene’s youthful voice is clear and without impurities, and there is no worry in her heart.

Jacob set it as a mobile phone ringtone, and every time he wants to cling, he will call it out and show it over and over again.

When the song “The Flower of the Other Shore” was automatically screened, Jacob lost his mind for a long time before picking up the phone tremblingly.

The phone caller ID shows Irene’s name.

Jacob’s heart was filled with surprises.

He opened the call tremblingly, and on the side of the microphone, after a long period of silence, a questioning voice came from Irene, “Where is Derek? Where did you hide him?”

Is there a strong anxiety in her voice?

Jacob wanted to comfort her, but on the last day, how could he provoke her at such a dangerous time?

“Irene!” He tried to make his voice sound indifferent and calm, “I have sent Derek to a mysterious place for training.”

Jacob prayed that Derek’s disappearance was just a calamity.

He will be back soon, so that Irene’s pain will be reduced.

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