Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 915

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Chapter 915

Irene was struck by thunder, and asked, “How long will it take for Derek to come back?”

Jacob was like a knuckle in his throat, and he said for a long time: “That depends on his good fortune. If he can study hard and practice hard, he will come back soon.”

Although Jacob tried his best to speak calmly, Irene couldn’t accept this cruel indefinite separation.

She suddenly snarled frantically, “Jue Zhan Han, he is just a child, how can you send him to a place far away? I want you to take him back.”

She burst into tears, “You bastard.”

Jacob’s eyes were red, and if he could, he also wanted to take back the missing Derek.

Perhaps Irene lost control of her emotions, her optic nerve was instantly disordered, and her eyes went blind.

By the way, she was walking on the cramped sidewalk with her mobile phone again, staggering to the roadway without knowing it.

A sharp siren sounded, and then a rough voice burst out, “Hey, you are dead.”

“Sorry Sorry sorry……”

There was darkness in Irene’s vision. She only felt that she was in a huge shady, and she couldn’t find an exit at all.

“My eyes…” she said to herself.

Jacob listened to the noisy sounds over there, distinguishing the truth from the chaotic noise.

A huge anxiety slipped through his heart, and Irene’s eyes were blind?

He made this judgment because Irene had experienced intermittent blindness.

At this moment, he heard other people’s roar from the microphone again, “You blind man, don’t come out and run around.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Irene apologized humbly.

Jacob stood up and ran to the door at lightning speed. Suddenly remembering something, he turned back and took off the lavender perfume on the Bogu shelf and sprayed it vigorously.

Jacob quickly found Irene according to the location of the mobile phone. She sat helplessly on the road, holding her knees with her hands and burying her head on her knees.

Crying heartbroken.

People around her pointed to her.

“This blind man ran to the middle of the highway to touch porcelain. Shameless.”

“Shouldn’t a blind person walk the blind way? It’s really unlucky for anyone to run into such a blind person with no virtue!”


Jacob walked over, his gaze was as fierce as killing, and he glared at the people around him, who were scattered like birds and beasts.

His clank was just blind suddenly, so he couldn’t adapt to the skill of walking the blind road.

This mob dared to insult her openly, which is simply hateful.

Jacob picked up Irene’s hand, placed it on his neck, and carried her on his back skillfully.

Irene was on his back, crying and trembling all over.

Jacob did not dare to speak, but tears came from his eyes.

Irene cried and thanked Jacob’s back. “Thank you for helping me.”

Jacob did not dare to answer her.

But put her hand to his lips, Irene was startled slightly, “Can’t you talk?”

He curled up her fingers and answered her.

Irene gradually stopped crying. Why, this dumb person made her feel so familiar?

His back is as wide and warm as Jacob’s.

But his body had the perfume that Jacob hated the most.

Lavender, flower language is waiting for love.

She had given him perfume like this. At that time, he frowned to express his dissatisfaction, “Irene, the flower language of lavender is waiting for love. Brother Jie doesn’t like it. Brother Jie’s love is that the flowers bloom and the branches are broken.

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