Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 779

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Chapter 779

Until five years ago.

Shaun single-handedly created the most terrifying force on earth-Blood Prison!

It swept the world’s giants and established the Global Group.

The Blood Servant was almost exhausted, and his strength began to slowly decline amid years of pain.

So he decided to quit!

He didn’t want to be a burden around Shaun, the King of the Blood Prison. He would rather leave the Blood Prison with the pain and loneliness of a hero. Since then, there was no news about him.

And now…

“Blood Servant, is it him?”

Shaun finally understood at this moment why the name Bloody Buddha was so familiar.

Back then, he remembered that one of the words that Blood Servant liked most was-Buddha!


It’s just that Shaun didn’t expect that the Blood Servant returned to China after disappearing a few years ago, and even changed his name to ‘Bloody Buddha’, and has become a grandmaster.

Especially the phrase “I am invincible with iron and blood!”

This is even the slogan of the blood prison!

Back then, it was the blood prisoners who resonated with this slogan in every inch of the world.

“Shaun, what’s wrong with you?”

Elvira discovered Shaun’s was thinking about something at the moment, she was stunned to see that a trace of mist appeared in Shaun’s eyes.

Those eyes seemed to be reminiscing about something, revealing a kind of vicissitudes and nostalgia.


This is the first time Elvira has seen this look on Shaun’s face in the three years they have been together.


Shaun realized that he was a gaffe, and a stiff smile appeared on his face.

That’s it!

Shaun turned his head again and took a deep look at the TV.

It turned out that he didn’t plan to go to participate in the Great Master’s battle. He just wanted to find an opportunity tomorrow to teach Leng Aotian and Helen Mountain to let them put out the idea of revenge for their grandchildren.

But now, the appearance of the Bloody Buddha has completely changed Shaun’s plan.

“Maybe I should see you tomorrow!”

After a whisper, an expectant smile appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth.

At the same time!

On a small road leading from Yunhai to Jiangshi.

A figure sloppy to the extreme knelt on the ground.

In front of this man, there was an old man.

“Master, I’m incompetent, I’m embarrassed!”

This sloppy kneeling figure was a young man. On his clothes, he had long been soaked in blood and solidified into blood red, with disheveled hair, which looked like a beggar.

But if anyone knew him, he would be horrified to death.

Because this young man is the blood wolf!

One of the ten youngest killers in East Asia.

The old man standing in front of him was the Bloody Buddha.

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