Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 931

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Chapter 931

Jacob used his usual cold humor to laugh at himself for his domineering love for Irene.

“Irene, you know, getting you, accumulating my luck for several lifetimes. I spend all my luck in meeting you, falling in love with you, and getting you, probably because Brother Jie was too squandered, so much I consumed all my luck in advance. Now that bad luck comes, I have to say goodbye to you….”

Irene tears down her eyes, and Jacob described all the truth in a relaxed and humorous language, but Irene seemed to see the sad and desperate expression on his charming face.

Jacob wrote in his notes: “Today I induced the child that belonged to us. I know you must be very, very sad, but Irene, you are ectopic pregnancy, how can Brother Jie let you risk life and death to do it? This matter. In my eyes, the child is important, but he is only the continuation of our love.

“He is not you, but I only love my Irene.”

When you knew that after the child left, you cried and scolded me for being cruel and unfeeling. When I saw you crawling away from me with your frail body step by step, my heart was strangled to death.

“Irene, I want to explain to you, because I know that the reason for your sadness is not just the loss of your child. It’s because I misunderstood my love for you.”

“But I can’t explain. I let you hate me, and I hope that this hate will last until the day I die. In this way, after you hear the news of my death, you can face it calmly, and you should be thankful that the white-eyed wolf who was always in chaos and abandoned is finally taken away by God.”



Irene suddenly howled in grief. Reading this note, she really woke up completely.

“It turns out you did it on purpose, you did it on purpose, you deliberately made me hate you, you did it on purpose…” She cried miserably.

“Why are you so stupid, you do something like this that makes me unhappy, and you are so unhappy yourself? How can a smart person like you do such a thankless stupid thing?”

“Why don’t you understand, I have always been a person who lives well because of your love. How can you underestimate my love for you?”

“Ah! Woo!”

Irene’s heart-piercing cries could be heard throughout the ward.

“Lingbao, don’t cry, your brother’s heart is broken by crying.” Irene comforted with tears.

Janice’s face was barren and said: “Let her cry. I told you that it is very stupid for you to lie to her like this. You still don’t believe it. Sister Irene is a person who lives for love?”

Irene slapped her angrily, “Lingbao, brother is not good. Big brother lied to you, in fact, big brother has long known Zhan Shao’s arrangements, and I obediently cooperate with him…”

Irene suddenly stopped her tears, and a fierce and angry light was reflected in those tearful pupils.

“Tell me, why is he dying?” Then she spoke, Irene’s voice was like a lifeless soul from hell. With a sharp edge to destroy everything.

Guan Xiao said: “This matter is a long story.”

“Then speak slowly.” Irene said in a cold voice.

“It’s just because the war family killed the founder of the end-time organization, the daughter of Yu Nian.”

Before Guan Xiao finished speaking, Irene had a clear look in her pupils, “Brother Jie’s mother, Cassandra, is from the end-time organization?”

Guan Xiao corrected his expression solemnly: “President, he has secretly changed your identity. From now on, you are Cassandra’s daughter.”

Irene looked at Guan Xiao in amazement. After a long time, Irene gave a bitter smile.

She sniffed, choked up and complained: “He tried every means to keep me alive, but he didn’t spare his life at all.”

Suddenly, Guan Xiao knelt in front of Irene with a thump, and said sincerely: “President, before he leaves, there are many unfulfilled wishes. Guan Xiao asks you to take care of yourself and help him accomplish those things he wants to accomplish.”

Irene looked at Guan Xiao, and laughed slightly, “He gave me your loyalty too, didn’t he?”

“My heart was sour and swelling, and it was terribly uncomfortable.”

Brother Jie loved her so much, but was misunderstood so thoroughly by her.

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