Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 938

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Chapter 938

Then Irene fell into autism for a long time.

When anyone talked to her, she would just be a listener without any response.

After the old lady of the Zhan Family heard about Irene’s situation, the old lady came to the ward personally and said to Irene: “Irene, grandpa knows how much you like Jacob. Grandpa came to tell you today, and Jacob may not be dead. On the same day, the tank that Grandpa gave him was tested countless times through the rain of bullets, and it was not attacked by biological and chemical weapons. Grandpa believed that the fire could not destroy the tank.”

After a pause, he said earnestly, “So Irene, you have to love yourself well. Take good care of his media. In case Jacob comes back someday, you have to show him the most beautiful world.”

But the old lady said for a long time, Irene just didn’t respond.

The doctor said: “Ms. Yan’s illness, if she can’t get out of her mental desperation in a short time, I am afraid that she will suffer from a terrible and severe physical disorder like the old lady Yan.”

Everyone is very worried about Irene, but no one can wake her up.

Ye Feng lay in the hospital for 20 days before slowly regaining consciousness.

Opening his eyes, he saw the powder-cut jade Faith standing by the head of the bed, holding a small face wash handkerchief in her hand, and wiping her face thoughtfully.

“Brother Ye Feng, you finally woke up.” Faith smiled sweetly.

Ye Feng stretched out his hand and squeezed Faith’s innocent smile, “Faith has worked hard.”

Because he didn’t see other people, Ye Feng’s eyes filled with doubts.

The doctor told him: “President Yan’s situation is very bad. The official assistants guard President Yan 24 hours a day and don’t have the energy to see you. However, we have specifically asked us to take good care of you.”

Ye Feng knew the situation, and asked the doctor about Irene’s situation. Knowing that Irene suffered from terrible autism after suicide, Ye Feng sighed sadly.

Then he took Faith, who was unattended, into his arms, “Faith, Brother Ye Feng will take good care of you in the future.”

“Yeah.” Faith nodded.

Media Asia has accumulated many drawbacks in the long-term collective absence of the leadership team.

Guan Xiao had to take time to return to the management of the company.

On this day, Guan Xiao said to Irene very embarrassedly: “President, during this period, because the president has been absent from many important decision-making meetings of the company for a long time, this has caused many problems for Media Asia.”

“When President Zhan left, he entrusted you to me and Media Asia to me. In his eyes, you are more important than the company. However, Media Asia is the foundation he created. I really can’t bear his efforts to be destroyed by him. Once. So, I hope that the president can return to the company as soon as possible and consolidate his foundation…”

Guan Xiao spoke for a long time, but Irene did not respond.

Guan Xiao had to leave in a daze.

Three days later.

Media Asia’s shareholders meeting.

Those shareholders who held meager shares all complained: “President Zhan is gone. The new president has not been on duty for so long. Is this Media Asia still doing it? If we don’t do it, we will sell Media Asia, and we can divide the money. Let’s go each way.”

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