Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 937

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Chapter 937

Irene did not answer her.

Janice’s whole body was attacked by panic, and she bounced up tremblingly in the dark, groping for the light button.

When the light hit the bed, Janice saw that the white bedding and sheets were stained red with blood, flowing into patches of blood lotus.

Janice yelled in panic, “Ah, Sister Irene.”

Outside the door, Guan Xiao and Irene almost broke in. When they saw Irene bite her wrist artery and fell into a coma, the two big men were shocked.

Janice shouted at them, “What are you doing while standing? Hurry up and send Sister Irene to the hospital.”

Guan Xiao and Irene hurriedly sent Irene to Huanya. At that time, their minds were mostly blank. They didn’t even know what to do. Janice needed to command them at every step.

After the doctor rescued Irene back, Irene and Guan Xiao’s seven souls and six souls returned. The two languished on the corridor of Huanya Hospital with lingering fears.

Irene slowly opened the pair of absent-minded eyes, Janice sat in front of her with tears in her eyes, and muttered: “Irene, I know that my brother is gone, and you don’t want to live anymore. But you are pitiful outside. Of those two living people, one is your brother. You have been his pride since childhood and his belief. Because of you, he has the capital to be willful and to be a prodigal son. The other is my brother’s most loyal brother Guan Xiao. Since After my brother brought Guan Xiao out of the orphanage, Guan Xiao will only live for my brother all his life. Guan Xiao promised that my brother will take care of you for the rest of his life, and he will reach the end of his life.”

Janice smiled bitterly, “Last night when you were like this, the two big men outside were so scared that they were out of their bodies. They couldn’t even find the south, east, west and northwest even how to give you first aid. This is a concern. Chaos. It wasn’t until you were out of danger that the two of them languished on the ground outside and breathed a sigh of relief.”

There was a shame expression on Irene’s face, “I’m sorry, Janice, I don’t want to be like this, I just can’t sleep, I just miss him too much…” Her tears dripped down again. Come.

Janice looked at Irene, as Irene’s best friend, perhaps only Janice knew how to save Irene who had lost her faith in life.

Janice decided to give her a bigger blow, “Sister Irene, do you know? My brother wanted to arrange a place for the three children before he left. But there was an accident and Derek disappeared.”

Irene stared at Janice blankly, unconscious. “Missing?”

Janice said: “My brother originally asked Irene to send Derek to country S, and the wind picked him up in country S. However, when Derek arrived in country S, he was snatched by a mysterious man.”

Irene’s pupils in the stagnant water slowly showed concern…

Janice cried and said, “Sister Irene, after my brother learned that Derek was missing, he blamed himself very much. He let Gao Feng stay in Country S, and he is not allowed to come back if he can’t find Derek in his life. But this world is big, where is Haifeng looking for Derek?”

Irene burst into tears suddenly, “Derek!” She let out a hysterical roar.

Irene and Guan Xiao walked in, and Irene looked at Janice strangely, “What did you tell her to do?”

Janice became even more irritating to Irene: “Sister Irene, so you have to cheer up. You have to find Derek as soon as possible. You don’t know how terrifying the traffickers are. They may cut the child’s organs or mutilate the child. Go for profit…”

Irene was so scared that she was paralyzed on the ground.

“Sister Irene, you find Derek back, don’t let my brother die. Okay?”

Irene’s tears slowly disappeared.

It seemed that the tears of a lifetime were suddenly drained.

It seems that the gate of the faucet is suddenly closed.

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