Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 936

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Chapter 936

If grandpa knew that he had killed his aunt’s son, grandpa might have a myocardial infarction.

His sister-in-law is his grandfather’s most beloved daughter and the most outstanding successor that grandfather has cultivated.

And the grandfather often talks, if the little aunt has children, she must be the most orthodox successor in the last days.

However, he killed his grandfather’s expectation.

“Ah…” Yu Chengqian raised his voice to the sky and howled, grief-stricken.

“Jacob, why did you put me in such an unrighteous situation?”

Irene bent down and picked up the cold blade on the ground!

Yu Chengqian stared at her blankly, and was wondering what her motives were, only to see Irene suddenly raised a cold blade to stab her in the chest!

Yu Chengqian kicked it. The cold blade fell off, and Irene screamed frantically.

“Let me die.”

At this time, Guan Xiao and Irene hurried over, and Irene hugged the out-of-control Irene tightly, “Ling Bao, brother, please, you have to live well.”

With an unlovable sadness on Irene’s face, he begged: “Irene, you don’t know, I’m so uncomfortable. Really, I’m so uncomfortable.”

Irene said: “I know, Lingbao, I know you can’t live without him, but you must live, because this is what he expects of you.”

Guan Xiao stared at Yu Chengqian angrily, his eyes as fierce as cannibalism.

Realizing Guan Xiao’s hostility, Yu Qian walked over immediately and protected the injured Yu Chengqian behind him.

Guan Xiao’s fist tightened and loosened, and tightened.

Had it not been for Jacob to make him swear, he would be loyal to Irene in this life and escort her for the rest of her life. Guan Xiao was afraid that he would have jumped up long ago and tried his best with Yu Chengqian.

Yu Chengqian said: “No matter, for the sake of Jacob, we won’t be embarrassed by them. We will leave with the remaining money.”

Yu Qian assisted Yu Chengqian and walked towards the big bat.

Soon, in the dense forest, like a gunshot and a bird startled, large black bats flew out. Shoot towards the end of the sky. Very quickly disappeared without a trace.

Everything seems to be settled.

Irene and Guan Xiao took Irene down the mountain.

Irene was like a patient who had returned to the light, and she was stumbling down at the end of the day, and then returned to a state of dead silence.

Irene did not dare to leave her for 24 hours.

Janice was afraid that she would do stupid things, and even accompany the bed at night.

That night, Janice happily told Irene, “Sister Irene, do you know? Although the eldest brother died, but he saved the people of the Zhan family. Grandpa and they were saved today.”

“The fire at the Tourmaline Manor was set off by the eldest brother himself. I saw him driving a chariot to ignite a flame in the tourmaline. I didn’t understand what the eldest brother meant, but now I know that he is going to destroy the corpse. The people of the last days can’t find any living creatures. In this way, they can’t determine whether the people of the war family are dead.”

Janice’s eyes were rustling, “Big Brother loves boundlessly, how come such a good person is gone!”

In the night, Irene’s tears blurred her vision.

Suddenly she put her wrist in her mouth.

Slowly, Janice smelled a bloody smell——

“Sister Irene, do you smell the blood?”

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