Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 935

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Chapter 935

“Irene…I love you…Ah…” Yu Chengqian’s confession has suffered an accident.

Irene suddenly raised the knife and stabbed at his heart, Yu Chengqian’s hand caught her cold blade.

Irene’s beautiful eyes were suddenly blinded by hatred, bloodshot. Become coquettish and cold.

She used the strength of breastfeeding and pushed the cold blade inward inch by inch.

Yu Chengqian looked at her, her beautiful face was huge disappointment and unwillingness.

“Irene, why? Why do you do this to me?” Yu Chengqian asked disappointedly.

Irene gritted her teeth, “Because you deserve to die.”

A self-deprecating smile floated in Yu Chengqian’s cosmetic contact lenses, “You all know?”

Irene’s tears filled her large dark eyes, “Yu Chengqian, you don’t understand love at all. You keep saying that you love me, but you push the person I love away from me. My family’s war sorrow is gone, and my family’s Derek is gone. , My beloved brother Jie has also gone. You turned me into a lonely family, making me worse than life. Is this the price of being loved by you?”

Yu Chengqian’s beautiful Jiyue face rarely showed a miserable smile. For the first time, this invincible and carefree prince of the last days tasted a bitter taste.

“Irene, but I really love you. I know that I will not be able to complete the task without taking your life, and I will face cruel punishment in the last days, but I would rather be hurt than I would hurt you?”

Yu Chengqian’s body trembled, and Yu Qian, who was not far away, realized that he was abnormal and rushed over with a pale face, “Master.”

Yu Qian clenched his fists and opened all the weapons on his wrists, facing Irene straight.

However, Yu Chengqian raised his hand tremblingly, and shouted: “Get out.”

The remaining money was unwilling to withdraw.

Irene’s hand holding Lengjian slowly lost strength because of insufficient endurance.

Yu Chengqian pulled out the cold blade that pierced his heart, and blood gurgled immediately. He held the wound tightly with one hand, and the breath of words became weaker and weaker, “Irene, it turns out that I and you. It’s a bad relationship.”

Irene’s assassination mission failed, full of despair.

Angrily said: “Yu Chengqian, if I knew you were such a terrible demon, I would rather never know you.”

Yu Chengqian smiled and said, “Irene, fate is destined by heaven. When I saw you for the first time and was splashed with blood, I didn’t have a strong feeling of disgust as usual. I knew that you were treating me. Different existence.”

“Whether you like it or not, I have to tell you that you are my aunt’s daughter. You are my eschatological person. It is my cousin of Yu Chengqian.”

“Haha!” Irene sneered with a gaffe.

“Yu Chengqian, you are like a mentally retarded, you were played around by Brother Jie.” Irene’s face was proud when she mentioned Jacob.

The blood on Yu Chengqian’s face was lost, and he was already pale as paper. When he heard Irene’s sneer again, it was even more pale.

“What do you mean?”

Irene said: “I tell you, I am not Cassandra’s daughter. Brother Jie is Cassandra’s biological son. He is your cousin.”

A confused expression appeared on Yu Chengqianjun’s face, “Then why didn’t he tell me the truth?”

Irene said: “I originally didn’t understand why Brother Jue didn’t tell you the truth in order to protect himself. Now I understand, because he understands you and understands the iron and blood principle of the last days. Even if he tells you the truth, this truth can only save you. He alone cannot save the entire warrior.”

Yu Chengqian was shocked, “In order to protect the Zhanjia, he would rather sacrifice his life?”

Irene said: “Yu Chengqian, you killed your own cousin. Have you ever regretted it?”

The cold blade in Yu Chengqian’s hand fell to the ground.

He had to admit that he performed this task in a mess.

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