Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 934

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Chapter 934

The evildoer is just a legend that lives on the rivers and lakes.

Bai Dao is afraid of him, He Dao is also afraid of him.

The identity of the evildoer is mysterious. For so many years, many people have wanted to decipher the true identity of the evildoer, but no one succeeded.

“This enchanting evildoer is said to be very tricky, and every time he goes on missions, the dragons never see the end. If Derek followed him, it might be a big trouble.” Yu Qian said.

Yu Chengqian said, “It’s not necessarily a trouble. The blood of the last days is flowing in Derek. Maybe it can be used by me.”

“What about Faith?” Yu Chengqian’s gaze fell on the twenty divine envoys who had failed the mission.

A divine envoy said with shame, “Young Master, we underestimate the enemy. We didn’t make complete preparations before we set out, thinking that we could bring Faith back with our bare hands. Faith is protected by Ye Feng. That Ye Feng’s skill is very powerful. We missed it, please. The Lord gives us another chance.”

Yu Chengqian said: “You don’t understand the rules of the last days. Once the core task is completed, it will take up to 48 hours to clean up the traces and retreat. Otherwise, it will cause official suspicion. It will cause unnecessary trouble.”

“Let’s go.”

The big bats are hidden in the mountains and forests, and people of the last days are walking towards their big bats.

Yu Chengqian looked back at the mountain road, with sadness and nostalgia on Jun’s face.

His fate with Irene probably stopped here.

Yu Qian suddenly said in a daze, “Master, in this mission, there are four life and death cards that are useless. You will be punished when you go back.”

Yu Chengqian said in a huff: “Don’t you just want my fingers? I will. I will give all the four fingers to my father. I think he wants it?”

Yu Qian hurriedly gave him an idea and said: “Master, let’s go back and find the lady first, and there will be a lady guarding you. Don’t talk about your fingers, he dare not even ask for your hair.”

Yu Chengqian said, “Go back and talk about it!”

Yu Chengqian turned and walked towards the depths of the forest.

Suddenly, a gentle and graceful voice rang behind him.

“Cheng Qian!”

Yu Chengqian’s spine condensed before turning around slowly.

He saw Irene wearing a grass-green skirt, twirling a ball head, and wearing a diamond necklace, as beautiful as an elf that was left behind, walking towards him.

Yu Chengqian’s lonely face gradually showed a smile.

“Irene!” He ran over happily.

Yu Qian stood not far away waiting for him.

Yu Chengqian came to Irene and asked her excitedly: “You have changed your mind. Are you willing to go with me?”

He seemed to have won a lucky prize, and he was so happy that he showed a childlike smile.

Irene shook her head, “No, I’m just here to see you off.”

Yu Chengqian was startled, a touch of loss appeared on his face.

“Irene, come with me. I will treat you well.” He said earnestly.

Irene looked at his eager eyes, her eyes, as star-like as stars, seemed to fall from the Milky Way…

It slowly became dark.

She suddenly stepped forward and hugged him tightly. “Cheng Qian, I’m sorry…”

Her hands and her pocket-sized handbag are behind him.

She quietly opened the zipper and took out the cold blade that Guan Xiao had prepared for her.

She looked at Yu Chengqian and smiled softly and harmlessly.

“Thank you for loving me.”

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