Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 933

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Chapter 933

Yu Chengqian turned and left.

Irene looked at Yu Chengqian’s back, tall and straight, as stalwart as a green hill. For some reason, it overlaps with the figure of Jacob in memory.

Irene’s dull and dull pupils slowly focused, and there was a slight confusion in the bright water.

Her elder brother left, and Yu Chengqian’s mission to the imperial capital was completed.

Yu Chengqian told her that he came to the emperor to find someone who had disappeared for forty to fifty years. Is it his little aunt?

And brother Jie’s mother, also surnamed Yu?

Is this a coincidence or…

Irene suddenly jumped out of bed and ran out as if going crazy.

At the door of the ward, Guan Xiao told her: “President, he has gone.”

Irene was silly on the spot.

She doesn’t know how long it took before Irene’s old monk’s pupils became a little angry.

Guan Xiao heard Irene’s thin voice, “Guan Xiao. Get me a sharp knife, the sharper the better.”

Guan Xiao listened to her voice, although it was thin, but there was a sharp edge that destroys everything.

Immediately stunned, “President, what do you use it for?”

Irene staggered onto the bed with a strangely quiet and cold voice: “I picked up a puppy the other day. The dog looks docile and pleasant. I didn’t want to feed it for a few more days before I knew it was a dog that would bite. It is a curse to keep such an unruly wild thing.”

Guan Xiao looked suspicious, “Yes, President.”

Then, Irene washed away her depression. Not only could she eat, drink and sleep, but she also began to exercise her physical functions.

She also asked the doctor to prescribe an energy liquid for her.

Irene looked at such Irene, wondering whether it was happiness or worry.

“Janice, did you think Irene came out of the shadow of losing Jacob?”

Janice glanced at her, “It’s been less than two days, and you want her to get out of the shadows. Irene, doesn’t your man’s love keep fresh for even 48 hours?”

Irene looked aggrieved, “I mean my sister? Why are you bringing rhythm to me?”

Irene glanced at Irene who was eating Hesai, wondering, “Your brother has done so many wicked things to hurt my sister during his lifetime. Maybe my sister’s feelings for your elder brother have diminished? After all, your brother. He is a genius who has been rare in a century. He took great pains to prepare. If it doesn’t work, wouldn’t his fame be ruined?”

Janice looked at Irene speechlessly, “I’m going to put the ugly words first. Irene, sister Irene is very uncharacteristic, you have to keep an eye on her, don’t let her do stupid things.”

Irene felt so tired, “Hey, why are women so hard to guess.”

There was a thunder, and a pouring rain came.

The raging flames of Tourmaline Manor finally extinguished after burning for two days and two nights.

The rescue team began to excavate the ruined underground palace of Xiangdingyuan. According to Jacob’s pre-death reminder, rescued the living underground.

All traces of Yu Chengqian’s mountain villa were destroyed by heavy rain.

All the divine hermits who were on missions returned.

Yu Chengqian looked at them empty and gloomy.

“What about the child?”

Yu Qian replied: “Master, we have been to Legendary University, but we didn’t find Jason. According to your instructions, we arranged for the dead ghost.”

Yu Chengqian nodded, “Where is Derek?”

Yu Qian said again: “We heard that Derek mysteriously disappeared in Country S. Our people started a search, but we did not find the mysterious person who took Derek away. However, there are numerous signs that Derek is most likely to be “enchanted.” It was taken.”

Yu Chengqian was shocked, “Monster?”

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