Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 969

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Chapter 969

Jacob said: “I have no money. But for medical expenses, I will definitely find a way to pay you back.”

Irene laughed.

How could this guy have no money? The entire Media Asia is his property.

“If you don’t have money, you can pay for meat.” She smiled heartlessly.

The little affection Jacob had for her finally collapsed again.

He stared at her bitterly…

Irene quickly grabbed her unruly.

She’d better leave a way out for herself, in case he recovers his memory someday, he will not bully her back with the character that he must repay.

In the evening, the high-pitched sound of the ambulance circulated and called repeatedly. In the downstairs of Huanya Hospital, he shouted endlessly.

Jacob sat up from the hospital bed, his expression became a little nervous.

Qiulian told him that the situation of Jincao was not optimistic.

But Jincao is very important to him.

A person who can sacrifice his life for him, Jacob has already regarded him as his closest relative.

The medical staff ran fast in the corridor, greeting the patients downstairs at the fastest speed.

Irene paced in front of Jacob, gently pressing a hand on his shoulder, and comforted: “Don’t worry, there will never be an accident with him.”

Jacob looked at her blankly, when Irene said this, it was almost a promise.

Inexplicably, his uneasy heart sank.

Soon, Jincao was sent upstairs.

Irene and Jacob came to Jincao. At this moment, Jincao’s eyes were closed, the Yintang was black and the skin was dry and wrinkled.

No signs of life.

When Jacob saw such strong grass, his heart was like a knife.

“Jin grass.” He whined in pain.

Irene looked at Jacob, and she had a panoramic view of his pain.

For Jincao, Irene is also grateful to him.

Because Jincao rescued her brother Jue, her lonely wait finally came to fruition.

No matter what, she will try her best to save Jin Cao’s life.

Irene immediately issued orders and resolutely said: “The order is passed down, and today all the doctors and nurses in all departments will be on standby for me. Now I will immediately ask first-level experts in each department to consult the patient.”

Immediately afterwards, Jincao was sent to the intensive care unit.

Irene convened an emergency meeting of experts.

Only Jacob sat in the ward nervously waiting for the result.

In the next ward, the family members cried and took the patient away because they couldn’t pay the medical bill.

In the corridor, many family members of critically ill patients are begging the dean, saying that they will be admitted no matter how much money they spend!

It’s time to take the medicine for dinner, and the nurse pushed in. Seeing Jacob’s uneasy expression, she soothed: “Mr. Ayue, the chief executive of my family has personally come forward to preside over the consultation with Mr. Jincao. What are you worried about? What?”

Jacob said: “In my case of strong grass, it should cost a lot of money, right?”

The nurse said honestly: “Of course, he uses the best life-saving medicine every day. One can cost millions of dollars. In one day, the cost is probably nearly 10 million.”

“I am willing to donate my organs to treat him.”

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