Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 970

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Chapter 970

The nurse was dumbfounded: “Ah!…Well, you’d better discuss it with the chief executive!”

Jacob said a little overbearing: “This is my decision, it has nothing to do with her. You bring the agreement, and I will sign the agreement now.”

The little nurse couldn’t resist Jacob’s tough request, “Oh.”

When the nurse showed him the agreement for organ donation, Jacob really signed his name without saying a word.

After Irene came out of the meeting, the nurse handed this agreement to her.

Irene watched the writing of the donation agreement. The three characters “Jacob” were written like dragons and phoenixes, and the pen was smooth and natural.

Suddenly she was furious.

Aggressively took the agreement to Jacob’s ward and threw the agreement on his face. Questioned: “What are you doing?”

Jacob calmly took down the agreement covering his face. Then he looked at Irene and said lightly, “I don’t want you to interrupt his treatment when you are halfway through the treatment of Jincao because I can’t pay the medical bill. If that’s the case, it’s better not to give him hope in the first place.”

Irene said: “Put your heart in your stomach, I will treat the strong grass, not only does not take any money, but also allows success without failure.”

Jacob was dazed. “why?”

For some reason, she always feels that she treats Jincao so kindly, it is not as simple as she wants to support him.

Irene laughed mischievously: “Because I like you, and he saved your life. I love Wu Jiwu, okay?”

Jacob’s face was immediately covered with a layer of frost.

Irene took the donation agreement, tore it to pieces, and threw it into the trash can.

Then, looking at his gloomy and stinky face, she explained: “I treat Jincao for free because Jincao has research value as a vegetable. It has nothing to do with you, so you don’t need to feel that you owe me.”

Jacob: “…”

His mood is really tightly controlled by her. Sometimes it’s rainy, and sometimes it’s bright like spring.

Three days later, Jacob was discharged from the hospital.

Jincao is not out of danger.

Before being discharged from the hospital, Jacob went to the intensive care unit in sterile clothes to take a look at Jincao. Seeing that the doctor tried his best to rescue Jincao, Jacob felt a warm throb in his heart.

Sure enough, the devil had her words, he didn’t pay a cent for medical expenses, but Media Asia had already started active treatment of Jincao.

After Jacob returned to the dormitory of the construction site, the fishermen saw him as if they saw a ghost one by one, and they were afraid of him.

Only Ah Tong stood far away and greeted him.

“Ayue, is your illness cured?”

Jacob’s face was sullen. Nodding perfunctorily, “Yeah.”

Ah Tong threw his dormitory key to him at a distance, and said, “Ayue, a dormitory was specially allocated for you above. The fishermen said that the president treats you very well because you are getting along with her. They He also said that the infectious disease on your body cannot be cured. Keep me away from you, otherwise they won’t play with me.”

Jacob picked up the key on the ground, ignored Ah Tong, turned and walked towards his dormitory.

Opening the door of the dormitory, Jacob was stunned. The room inside was not only wide, but also spotlessly clean. His mood improved afterwards.

He sat on the bed, flipping through his phone idly.

At this time, it was discovered that he had several missed calls. The number was an unfamiliar number, because the other party made nine calls in a row, Jacob could not choose to ignore it.

He called the other party back, and the other party answered the phone almost immediately.

“Uncle, why did you call me back?” Faith’s clear voice rang, with a bit of complaint and grievance.

A soft smile appeared in Jacob’s eyes, “I’m sorry, Faith, uncle has been delayed these days. I couldn’t practice piano with you.”

Faith’s voice was crying, and said: “Uncle, I miss you? Where are you?”

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  1. It’s the fact that after reuniting they end up in this situation. I feel bad for both of them that they can’t even have a happy ending 💔


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