Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 972

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Chapter 972

Because he had experienced life and death together, the child became dependent on Ye Feng.

“Where is your dad and mommy?” Jacob is very strange, how unreliable parents are willing to give their children to an outsider?

Faith shook her head like a rattle and said, “They won’t get divorced. In Daddy’s eyes, only widowed, not divorced. My daddy and mommy love each other very, very much. My daddy finally gave me his wealth and ulated boldly.

Jacob and Faith have met twice, but he has not seen her parents.

It is inferred from this that Faith’s parents lacked the education of their children. Their love must be love in an abnormal state.

Faith looked at Jacob, with a sad expression in her eyes.

“Are they divorced?” He spec
life. Mommy.”

Jacob suddenly remembered a sentence: deep love and lifelessness.

Such a good man does not know if he has been rewarded accordingly.

“What about your mommy?”

Did she abandon her child and remarry?

Faith said with eyes: “Mummy originally bitten off the wrist artery and wanted to follow Daddy. Uncle and aunt saved her. Then forty-nine days later, Mommy said that even if she went to Huangquan Road, she couldn’t catch up with Daddy. Stay here and wait for him.”

Tears flickered in Faith’s eyes, “After Daddy left, Mommy was not in good health. Brother Ye Feng was responsible for teaching me.”

Jacob was shocked for a long time and couldn’t return to his mind.

This is really a word in response to Higan Flower:

“You are my world”

“Without you”

“My world collapses”


In shock, Jacob found that he had become lemon essence.

Is there such a beautiful love in this world that makes people jealous?

This kind of love has long been extraordinary and has nothing to do with Vanity Fair.

Faith lay on the chair and fell asleep without knowing it.

Jacob carried her to the bed and carefully covered her with a quilt.

Then he sat on the chair in front of the window, but his eyes fell straight to the car not far away.

Ye Feng didn’t leave at all.

A soft star burst into Jacob’s eyes.

Faith’s vision really looks good.

The next day, the sun went three poles, but Faith was still sleeping late.

Ye Feng bought breakfast for Jacob and Faith. When he was sent into the room, he saw Faith who was sleeping soundly, and Ye Feng smiled and said, “Last night the child talked with you for a long time, right?”

Jacob nodded.

Ye Feng was startled slightly, “This child is just talking about TB.”

“Very good.” Jacob cherishes words like gold.

Ye Feng couldn’t help laughing, “It’s really rare to get your award.”

Jacob stared at Ye Feng. Although he was not a nosy person, he had a sense of mission that could not be ignored about Faith’s affairs.

Jacob asked Ye Feng: “The kid likes you, do you know?”

Ye Feng smiled lucidly, “I’m born and unborn, and I’m old. Mr. Ayue, do you think it is possible for me and her?”

Ye Feng’s rationality made Jacob relieved.

The fishermen gathered outside the door of Jacob’s dormitory, yelling: “Ayue, come out.”

Jacob was surprised and got up and went out.

When the fishermen saw Lord Zhanhan, he avoided him like a plague.

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