Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 980

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Chapter 980

Irene whimpered with tears and was very aggrieved, “Why do you scold me?”

Obviously it was his fault. When she was a child, he took her by the hand wherever she went, giving her a bad habit of not remembering her way.

But now come to dislike her?

Jacob was a little confused, why did she cry again?

“Now tell me, how should I go?” His voice softened inexplicably.

Irene said with a guilty conscience: “If I tell you, I’m lost. Believe it or not?”

Of course Jacob didn’t believe it-but seeing Irene’s cute face, he had to believe it again.

Irene defended herself quietly, “Women have a weak sense of direction.”

Jacob went back angrily, “But you are not an ordinary woman!”

A joyful smile appeared on Irene’s face, “Brother Ayue, I know I am a different woman in your eyes.”

Jacob said: “In my eyes you are a fighter among women. You can do everything. But mentally retarded, you are no different from those idiot women.”

Irene: “…”

Irene was so shocked by him that she was totally unlovable.

In order to prove that she was not the mentally handicapped in his eyes, she pointed to a dark path very aggressively: “Go here.”

Jacob thought she remembered the way home, so he didn’t ask much, and walked behind her silently.

The roads are getting darker, and there are few people.

After Jacob left for a while, he felt something was wrong.

The surrounding buildings are getting more and more dilapidated, and she shouldn’t live in a slum at the worth of this devil.

“Hey, did you go wrong again?” Jacob asked suspiciously.

His word “you” instantly provokes Irene to act again.

“Yes, it’s here.”

“You live in such a shabby place?” Jacob reminded her.

Irene looked around, and there were low buildings everywhere. This should be a slum that hasn’t been transformed by the imperial capital?

Irene realized that he had indeed gone wrong.

But she is desperate for face and she refuses to admit it, “Yes, I lived here before I made my fortune.”

Jacob was stunned, this devil came from a slum?

This is in conflict with her natural elegance!

Suddenly, a group of dark and crushing figures emerged from the surrounding shelters. With knives in their hands, they approached Irene and Jacob fiercely.

Jacob will protect Irene behind him.

Eagle pupils stared at the group of robbers.

Irene led the wrong way, a little guilty, and said timidly, “Brother Ayue, should I deal with them?”

Jacob said in a huff: “Didn’t you say that you are a weak little girl and need someone to protect you?”

Irene: “Uh!”

She only said that she wanted him to send her off.

How can she be a master of eight black belts in Taekwondo, who is weak and incompetent?

The group of robbers said shockingly: “Hand over valuable things on your body.”

Irene looked at Jacob, and asked tremblingly, “Do you want me?”

Jacob’s gaze fell on her limited edition handbag, with sunflowers inlaid with diamonds on it, and his face was a bit ugly.

“In the future, be a low-key person and don’t show off your wealth.”

Asked again: “Is there any valuable baby in the bag?”

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