Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 981

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Chapter 981

Irene said with a serious face: “Apart from you, I don’t have any other precious treasures.”

Jacob: “…”

“Give them the bag.”

Irene threw the handbag to the group of robbers.

The robbers turned their handbags upside down and turned into anger without finding valuable treasures.

“This woman looks good, so let her accompany us Lele.”


Jacob pulled Irene behind him, “Retreat.” Commanded vigorously.

His aura has breathtaking power.

Irene seemed to see the majestic Jacob returning.

She stood behind him, his back against the light, like a stalwart green hill, towering and tall.

It made her feel very at ease.

When the group of robbers came up with their knives, Jacob ordered Irene, “You run.”

And he himself faced the sharp edge of the cold blade, fighting the group of robbers.

Where did Irene dared to leave him, both eyes were like eagle eyes, falling sharply on Jacob.

Jacob had his bare hands and never thought that he could escape today. The robbers surrounded him on all sides, and suddenly rushed up, just when he felt a little powerless…

Suddenly, Irene soared into the air, stepping on the shoulder of a robber and fell in front of Jacob. Putting the long knife that was cut to Jacob into his hand, and then kicked it out, the man dropped the knife, curled up his stomach and flew far away.

“Brother Ayue, go and rest.” Irene said very aggressively.

Jacob was dumbfounded.

Irene has agile skills, fierce fists and feet, and the whole movement is like running clouds and flowing water, chic and neat. It seems to be a practicing family.

Realizing that he was deceived by Irene, Jacob’s face became colder and colder.

For example, a powerful refrigerator cools the surrounding air by several degrees.

He would believe that she is a weak and helpless little woman?

Soon, Irene knocked down the group of robbers to the ground, and happily played with Arhats, those tall men, she could kick them accurately and silently onto other people with one kick. The power is comparable to Popeye.

Irene finished the fight. Rubbing her hands, she said triumphantly: “Dare to grab my old mother’s bag? Don’t even ask, who is my old mother?”

Jacob left with a black face.

She heard Irene violently and viciously teaching the group of robbers from behind, “It’s okay to grab my old lady’s bag, dare to move my brother Ayue, that’s the rhythm of playing lanterns in the toilet—finding death. You remembered the old lady, that man is I’m covered with seriousness, without a hair, my old lady wants you to be buried.”

“Auntie, your beloved baby is gone, why don’t you chase her?” the robber reminded her.

Irene picked up the bag on the ground and hurriedly chased it out.

“Brother Yue.”

Jacob no longer ignored her.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you angry?” Irene chose to walk backwards in order to be able to see his face.

Jacob teased: “Martial arts is not bad?”

Irene proudly said: “Of course, I think I was the Bawanghua who fought eight taekwondo black belt 9th dan masters back then.”

The ice layer on the bottom of Jacob’s eyes is thicker, “So powerful, do you still need me to take you home?”

Irene patted her mouth and realized that she had lost her words. Hurry up and said: “Brother Ayue, although my martial arts are so bad, I am too courageous to walk the night alone.”

“Why, have you done too many bad things?” Jacob teased her unceremoniously.

Irene said: “I haven’t done anything wrong!”

Jacob said: “A liar!”

Irene: “…”

“It’s just a white lie.” She defended herself in a small voice.

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  1. maybe you should also re-introduce the other kids, Jasin and Derek, so that the story does not focus only on Irene and Jacob.


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