Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1000

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Chapter 1000

Eight PM.

Jiangnan City, Brilliant Hotel.

Elvira and Shaun changed their clothes and arrived outside the hotel early.

At this moment, they can see that a lot of luxury cars are almost completely filling the hotel parking lot.

And when the two just got out of the car.

A young man quickly greeted them:


This young man is Chang Yuan, but now Chang Yuan is extremely energetic.

The face was full of red light, walking calmly.

Like a real successful boss, with a sense of confidence and pride.

In this short half-month, as Chang Yuan’s reputation has gained popularity, his career has also been on the rise, and now he has completely placed himself in the ranks of Jiangnan’s top gangsters.

“Senior, have you waited a long time?” Elvira said apologetically.

Hearing this.

Chang Yuan smiled slightly:

“It doesn’t matter, waiting for Elvira is not a big deal!”

With these words, Chang Yuan looked at Elvira’s eyes, full of intense heat.

But Elvira, as if she hadn’t noticed at all, turned her head and smiled at Shaun. She held Shaun’s arm and said with a smile:

“Then let’s go in now!”

That’s it!

Elvira wanted to pull Shaun and walked towards the hotel.

And after seeing this scene.

In Chang Yuan’s eyes, a deep look of jealousy and resentment flashed.

He didn’t even think about how Shaun’s trash could make Elvira fall to her heart.

Every time he thinks that his goddess is sleeping with this kind of waste every day, Chang Yuan’s heart went crazy.


At this moment, Chang Yuan hurriedly stopped Elvira and Shaun, and then his face seemed like a juggling, with a deep apology:

“Elvira, I’m sorry! This time, I only got two invitations!”

“One is mine and the other is yours! As for Shaun, he doesn’t have an invitation card, so I am afraid he can’t get in!”


Hearing this, Elvira was taken aback for a moment, and then her pretty face turned ugly.

Participating in this party will be of great benefit to her future expansion of the Jiangnan branch. After all, she can get to know many top bosses.

If Shaun couldn’t get in. What’s the point of her going?

“Senior, sorry, if my husband can’t go in, then I won’t go either!”

Elvira smiled awkwardly, then pulled Shaun and said:

“Shaun, let’s go!”

After saying this.

In Elvira’s expression, the misery of losing opportunity was clear. After all, as a businesswoman, it was a great loss to miss an opportunity to expand her contacts.


Seeing this scene, Chang Yuan’s complexion almost dripped water.

He has done this intentionally.

He was getting three invitations, but he only took two in order to target Shaun and give himself a chance to get along with Elvira.

It’s just that he never thought that Elvira would regard Shaun so importantly, and even willing to lose such a good opportunity to expand her contacts.

“Elvira, you can’t miss this opportunity!”

“The people attending the party are all the top-notch young people in Jiangnan. They are the future of Jiangnan. If your The New Bai Group wants to stand firm in Jiangnan, you will have to deal with them!”

Chang Yuan said, as if thinking of something, he continued:

“Right! Don’t you want to appreciate the prince who helped you through the difficulties last time? He will be here at the party today. You should thank him in person!”

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