Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1012

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Chapter 1012

“Sorry, I have never been to America! I have never seen you, lady!”

Shaun smiled and immediately denied it.

It was only an accident that he saved this woman back then. He never thought about what would happen when he met the woman in front of him.

“We haven’t met?”

“So, you are not him!”

The luster in the beautiful eyes of the woman gradually dimmed.

A thick bitterness emerged from the corner of her mouth.

And sadness.

“Okay… okay! Sorry, I think I’m confused!”

The woman shook her head.

Yes, that man in black back wiped out a terrifying underworld force in the United States with a wave of his hand back then.

This kind of person, even if he is alive today, it is not possible that he will live in a city like Jiangnan, or even become a car-watching boy in a parking lot.

Thinking of this.

The red-clothed woman’s gaze at Shaun now became much more complicated.

However, she hesitated and said:

“Sir, you are similar to a lifesaver of mine. I haven’t seen him in three years! I miss him so much!”


Tears unexpectedly slipped from the eyes of the woman.

She looked at Shaun expectantly, and said in a trembling voice:

“Can I hug you?”


Shaun never expected that this woman would make such a request.

It’s just that she didn’t wait for him to answer and she hugged Shaun tightly.



The scent of this woman does not come from perfume, but a body fragrance.

People can’t help but indulge in it.

Not only that.

She hugged Shaun very tightly.

It seems that she is holding the person whom she missed day and night, savoring the lovesickness of these three years.

Feeling the sadness of the woman, Shaun’s mouth twitched, but he still didn’t push her away.

He knows.

This woman wants to embrace the person who had saved her life three years ago.


A few seconds later, that woman completely reduced her grief.

She struggled out of Shaun’s arms:

“Yes… I’m sorry! Thank you!”

That’s it!

She wiped the tears from her eyes. She could not look up at Shaun again in fear of again having the same feeling for this guy.

“Take money, count this as your tip!”

That’s it.

She put money directly into Shaun’s pocket, and then she quickly got into the BMW car.


The car started, and she set in and left the parking lot hastily.

Watching the car leaving Shaun’s heart got complicated.

Although he and that woman have only met once, after seeing the sadness on her face, Shaun got a little upset:

“Perhaps, we will never see each other again! This hug is the last gift!”

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