Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1014

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Chapter 1014

Shaun rubbed his eyebrows with a headache.

After that, he left the parking lot and started to wander on the road.

The night scene of Jiangnan is much more delightful than Jiangshi.

The densely packed traffic and bright neon make this provincial capital look more like a city that never sleeps, full of temptation.

When Shaun walked for a quarter of an hour.

He stopped in front of a bar.

Rolling Stone Bar.

“Forget it! It’s been a long time since I had a drink!”

Thinking of this, Shaun smiled and walked straight into this Rolling Stone Bar.

Inside the bar, the atmosphere is noisy.

The roaring and vibrating heavy metal music seem to stir the nerves of every customer.

The dim light flickered and jumped in every corner of the bar, like a fairy dancing.

And on the dance floor.

The smell of alcohol.

Hormonal breath.

Let this rolling stone bar become a sea of revelry for men and women.

However, just when Shaun was about to walk towards the bar.

His footsteps paused once again.

Because he saw that there was a bright red figure sitting at the bar.

“Unexpectedly… it’s her again!”

Shaun’s mouth twitched, and he never dreamed that he would meet the hot red-dressed beautiful girl in this rolling stone bar again.

She is sitting at the bar at the moment, bought a bottle of wine.

She is mixing wine.

After a short moment.

When she poured the wine into the glass.

She prepared a cup of red and white cocktails exuding white flames.

“White fireworks!”

Seeing this glass of cocktail, Shaun sighed.

The look of that woman became more complicated.

Only he can truly understand why this woman has made such a cup of white fireworks.

She slowly picked up this glass of cocktail.

Her beautiful eyes stared straight at the red and white of the cocktail with a trace of remembrance and confusion in her expression.

That was three years ago.

She and her companions went to the United States to join Interpol to perform an arrest mission.

The mission was to arrest an underworld American leader.

That man was extremely vicious. He was involved in kidnapping women from China and smuggled them to the United States to do some dirty business.

However, during the mission, an accident occurred.

The news of the arrest was passed on to the underworld leader.

During the mission, they were ambushed.

The police companion who went with her died on the spot, and she was also seriously injured and was chased down three streets by those underworld subordinates.

The woman will never forget how desperate she was at that time.

Her body was soaked in blood, and due to wounds, she was about to die.

When she was surrounded by many subordinates of an underworld leader, she was very desperate to escape.

A young man in black appeared from nowhere.

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