Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1021

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Chapter 1021

After seeing that Shaun didn’t notice anything, she changes her pretty face:

“Be careful!!!”

That’s it!

the girl wanted to jump up and pushed Shaun away.

But at this moment.


The sound of glass breaking suddenly came.

The girl was surprised to find that Shaun smashed the empty wine glass in his hand.


His huge palm, as if it had eyes, suddenly stuck out.

Dang Cang.

Shaun punched the broken glass against one of the attackers!

“Damn it!”

The leader of the gang got amazed. He didn’t expect Shaun to be so agile.

Especially when he saw that his subordinate had fallen, he turned around and wanted to retreat.

But it was too late.

Just as he stepped out, Shaun’s big hand grabbed his palm, and then yanked him fiercely.

This bastard, like a paper, was dragged to the bar.

“Boy! You… what are you doing?”

The leader was horrified. He wanted to struggle, but in front of Shaun, he only felt his strength, weak as a child.

Shaun pressed his palm on the countertop.

“What are you doing?”

Shaun smiled coldly, this smile made people around him creepy:

“You don’t want your hands anymore, then… give them to me!”


Shaun’s words made the attacker almost startled.

Especially under his horrifying sight.

In Shaun’s left hand, the glass fell, revealing a gradual fragment.

Then, with one stroke, one stabbing!


The sharp fragments of the wine glass, like a dagger, will instantly penetrate the palm of the first attacker.

His whole hand was pierced by the glass and nailed to the countertop.


At this moment, the whole bar was dead silent.

The other gangsters around just rushed to the front, they were splashed with blood.

Suddenly they stopped at their positions.


When the miserable screams resounded, the other gangsters saw that their boss has blood on his palm.

His hand was pierced and nailed to the tabletop, and he was trembling with pain as if sifting chaff.

“My hand! Bastard! You abolished my hand!”

The leader’s face turned pale as paper.

He looked at Shaun as he has seen a devil.



He had never seen a person like him before, who could use one hand to abandon a person while talking and laughing.

More than him!

The gangsters around, as well as the customers, felt a horror.

Crushed the wine glass.

Pierce the palm!

This is simply an incredible thing.

When everyone saw the young man whose palm has been pierced was in a miserable state, everyone felt their scalp numb.

Ok… so ruthless!

No one thought that Shaun who looks so weak, as if he were a college student, but when he shot it, he abolished one of the other party’s hands, cruel.


And at this moment.

The gang leader who was nailed to the bar gritted his teeth and pulled out his palm.

Suddenly, the majestic pain made him tremble, his complexion got pale.

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