Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1025

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Chapter 1025


The pretty face of the girl was extremely gloomy.

She never expected that this scene would appear.

Especially at this moment, she instinctively wanted to bend down and pick up her card from the ground.

But at this moment.

Shaun’s indifferent voice came slowly:

“No need to pick it up! Let this stupid pick it up for you!”


Shaun’s words were extremely abrupt, fell in everyone’s ears, making everyone’s eyes almost fall out.

What did this guy say?

Let the idiot pick it up?

Could it be that he is referring to Lord Xiong?


Thinking of this, the whole bar completely exploded.

Everyone was full of incredulous expressions, how could they not think that facing the terrifying Lord Xiong, Shaun did not only have the slightest fear but called Lord Xiong a ‘stupid big man’?

This… isn’t this looking for death?

More than the people around.

After hearing this.

The angriest is Xiong and all his men.

“Boy, are you stupid?” The savage face of Lord Xiong, as if he had seen a ghost, stared at Shaun, raging anger in his eyes.

This is more than that.

After hearing Shaun’s voice, Master Xiong felt a little familiar with him for some reason.

However, he couldn’t figure out where he had heard it.

And just at the exit of his doubtful words.

However, Shaun turned his back to him and drank the remaining white fireworks in the cup:

“That’s right! The stupid guy I said is you!”

When Shaun said this, the noises around vanished again.

Instead, there was a terrible breath that was extremely suppressed.


Everyone couldn’t imagine that Shaun, a skinny guy, faced the terrifying Lord Xiong and was not afraid at all. Forget it, he dares to die and humiliate Lord Xiong.

Isn’t it looking for death?

In an instant, every customer around shivered with fear.

Even after everyone saw the increasingly gloomy face of Lord Xiong, everyone had a tingling scalp.

That’s it!

This kid, his death is imminent, he still doesn’t know it, this is pure death.

And Lord Xiong’s men also jumped out one by one.

“Boy, I don’t count if you are abolished. Now you dare to humiliate my elder brother, you are looking for death, you are looking for death!!!”

The gang leader looked at Shaun’s back at this moment as if he was looking at a lunatic.

And the rest of the people around, after reacting, also completely exploded the pot.

“Why is this bastard so arrogant! Come on, slaughter this little bunny, vent your anger for Lord Xiong!”

“Go! This guy is definitely looking for death!”


The angry voices around him kept coming from behind Master Xiong, and they were extremely noisy.

And Lord Xiong was also exasperated by Shaun’s words:

“Good boy, it’s been so many years, no one dared to call me stupid!”

“You are the second person who has dared to provoke me!”

The second?

Hearing the cruel words of Lord Xiong, everyone around got amazed. They didn’t understand who was the first one.

But, before everyone inquired, Lord Xiong grinned. It was so cruel and terrifying:

“The first person to provoke me was our Jiangshi’s, or even China’s top boss!”

“Although I have broken his arm then he was convinced and even admired!”

“And you, a little bastard who only pleases women, I can kill you with one punch!”

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