Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1028

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Chapter 1028

“Who is that guilty person! Let Lord Xiong ask for mercy?”

“Really! We’ve kicked the iron plate, we tried to deal with this kind of character!”


At this moment, the gangsters were in a cold sweat, almost frightened to death.

However, Shaun was too lazy to look at them.

He directly said to the black bear:

“Forget it! Since you are the brother of the Black Tiger, I will spare you this time!”


Hearing this, the black bear’s heart got so nervous that he put it back in his stomach.

On his hideous face, a strong color of ecstasy instantly appeared.

“Thank you, Mr. Lin!”

The black bear was full of excitement at the moment.

He raised his head and looked at Shaun, with full of awe and respect.

Big shot!

This is a big man that he will never be able to cling to in his entire life, and now he is in front of him, how can he not seize the opportunity.

“Okay! You go first!”

Shaun was too lazy to say something and waved his hand directly.


He glanced at the gangsters.

The black bear knew instantly.

He stood up from the ground and then turned his head to look at his subordinates. Within the copper bell-like eyes, thick anger suddenly burst out:

“You bastards, you have no eyes and dare to provoke my boss Mr. Lin! You are looking for death!”

“Come here! Pull these guys out, no one will abandon a hand, just to be like you!”


The black bear is not stupid. He made himself Shaun’s subordinate and regarded Shaun as his boss.

And hearing this.

Suddenly a group of big men walked out of the crowd, and after a few words, they kicked the gangsters to the ground.

“No! Mr. Lin, we have no eyes, please, treat us as a fart and let us go!”

“Mr. Lin, we dare not, we really dare not to provoke you again!”


A series of screams of sorrow and horror came from the mouths of those gangsters.

However, Shaun just turned his back to them, started to drink the wine.

They screamed in horror as if they hadn’t heard at all.


The gangsters were dragged to the outside of the bar, and screams came in from outside.


The customers around can imagine the miserable end of those gangsters without even looking.

In an instant, everyone looked at Shaun’s gaze and became more in awe.

Without saying a word, let the gangsters who were eager for revenge have their palms abolished.

Such terrible status and methods are creepy to think about.

Seeing that Shaun didn’t intend to continue talking with him, the black bear naturally understood.

At this moment, he led his subordinates, facing Shaun’s back, after bowing, each one cautiously, tiptoeing like a tide, exited the bar.

Until this moment.

In the bar, everyone was calm.

It’s just that the eyes of all the customers are involuntarily looking at Shaun as if they are looking at a terrible big man, full of tension and excitement.

At this moment.

Sima Yan’er, also came over.

She looked at Shaun, full of complexity:

“Although I don’t know who you are! But I feel that you must have killed someone!”

“Maybe, many people have been killed by you!”

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