Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1030

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Chapter 1030

When Shaun thought of Elvira, his flustered mood instantly calmed.


When Shaun walked into the hotel with Sima Yan’er on his back and opened a room, he went straight upstairs.

This is a big bedroom.

The layout of the room is still elegant and beautiful.

Shaun immediately put Sima Yan’er on the bed and wanted to leave.


Just when Sima Yan’er’s body touched the bed, she jumped out of the bed as instinctively.

“Nest…nest! Not good!”

Shaun was taken aback for a moment, and now he wanted to dodge.

However, when he was stunned, he had completely missed the opportunity.


Sima Yan’er hugged Shaun and spit out instantly.

Although there was no vomit, just some drinks, the strange smell still made Shaun’s head full of black lines.

“What about this…”

Shaun was completely stunned.

He saw Sima Yan’er, as well as his clothes, got wet.

“Forget it, take a shower, wash the clothes again, and blow dry!”

“It should do this quick!”

Thinking of this, Shaun takes off his clothes one by one.

And when he took off his underwear.

Couldn’t help but turn to look at Sima Yan’er on the bed.

This woman was completely immersed in a hazy sleep, especially the wine stains on her body, which made her seem extremely uncomfortable.

In the confusion, her jade hands were constantly unbuttoning her own clothes.

Suddenly, she unbuttoned the shirt.

A turbulent snow-white scene appeared in front of Shaun.

“It’s estimated to be 36D!”

Shaun’s heart trembled fiercely.

Have to say!

Sima Yan’er is gorgeous, and her majestic peaks and ridges make the heart beat faster.

Especially, with that snow-white skin with wine-red color, it is even more like a drunk beauty in the painting, and every move exudes the beauty of thrilling temptation.

Under Sima Yan’er’s haze, the coat and pants had completely faded.

Only one glamorous ketone body-wearing underwear is left.

That S-shaped beautiful figure, with a strong visual impact, was shaking Shaun’s will.

At this moment, Shaun could only watch his nose take a deep breath, and then cover the quilt on Sima Yan’er’s delicate body.

“Go take a shower!”

Shaun shook his head. He wanted to rinse off the smell of alcohol on his body and immediately walked into the bathroom holding his and Sima Yan’er clothes.

After half an hour.

When Shaun finished processing everything, he walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel.

He was slightly taken aback.

Because he heard a series of painful grunts.

“Ah… well, it hurts… it hurts…”

Shaun saw that Sima Yan’er on the bed had completely kicked off the quilt.

Her fiery and delicate body almost bowed into a ball of cooked shrimp on the bed.

Jade’s hand tightly held her rabbit, as if suffering great pain.

Not only that.

On her delicate body, her forehead was densely covered with cold sweat, and her pretty face was twisted into a ball in pain.


This scene made Shaun’s pupils shrink.

He hurried to the bed, and then carefully observed.

However, after turning over and observing, his complexion instantly turned ugly:

“Acute gastritis!”

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