Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1031

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Chapter 1031

Acute gastritis!

Shaun’s brows frowned. This disease if is not treated in time, can cause dehydration shock in severe cases.

“At present, I don’t have a needle in my hand. It seems that I can only use massage techniques to help her temporarily relieve!”

Shaun had no choice but to put Sima Yan’er flat on the bed at the moment.

Sima Yan’er’s delicate body is extremely white.

In particular, she now has only a black lace cover on her body.

The peaks on the chest are tall and straight.

The smooth waist is white and delicate.

The slender legs exude a terrible temptation that is hard to resist.

It can be said!

At this moment, Sima Yan’er is like a charming fairy walking out of the painting, with a little bit of crystal sweat on her delicate body, that kind of charming attitude is simply stunning.

Shaun’s heart was beating wildly. At this moment, he couldn’t help taking a long breath, suppressing the heat in his heart.

Then, he stretched out his hands and wanted to press against Sima Yan’er’s lower abdomen.

Just at this moment.


Sima Yan’er made a painful grunt, and she suddenly sat up in a muddle-headed manner.

She grabbed Shaun’s arm and bit down.


Shaun’s expression changed, he only felt that Sima Yan’er’s teeth were almost embedded in his flesh and blood.

Scarlet blood dripping onto the sheet.

“Forget it!”

Shaun shook his head. If he condenses his muscles and bones, then his flesh and blood will be so strong that it will break Sima Yan’er’s teeth in minutes.

At the moment, he could only endure the pain, and his other hand stretched out, pressing against Sima Yan’er’s lower abdomen, pressing away.

Have to say!

Sima Yan’er’s skin was extremely delicate.

That kind of feel, as if touching silk.

As Shaun’s palm swam away, a trace of true energy followed his palm and began to penetrate Sima Yan’er’s abdomen little by little.

After three full laps.

The pain in Sima Yan’er’s abdomen slowly subsided, and her teeth came loose from Shaun’s arm.

Not only that!

Shaun’s energy not only caused Sima Yan’er’s abdominal pain to gradually disappear but also completely brought her into a state of relaxation and comfort.

Her pretty face gradually showed a hint of blush.

The spring color on her face became more and more intense.


These sounds, like ringtones, were crisp and melodious, but when they fell in Shaun’s ears, the sweat from his forehead dripped densely.

“This woman…”

A touch of bitterness appeared at the corner of Shaun’s mouth.

His massage technique does have a certain aphrodisiac effect.

He has controlled this effect to a minimum.

But unexpected!

Sima Yan’er’s body is so sensitive that even the slightest aphrodisiac effect has completely immersed her in it and it is difficult to extricate herself.

Seeing Sima Yarner’s constantly twisting fiery body, and the traces of red glow, climbed up on her beautiful face.

This made Shaun’s breathing gradually heavier.

“Alright! Hold on!”

Shaun’s eyes were red, trying his best to contain his desires.

Dense sweat dripped from his cheeks.

However, Sima Yan’er’s mourning sound was getting louder and louder.

Her body twitched fiercely, and she was completely excited to the extreme.

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