Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1036

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Chapter 1036

“Yes… this woman!”

Elvira’s pretty face became paler with every photo she turned over.

In the end, after seeing these all photos, she became as pale as paper.

She remembered this woman.

Because she was the one who caused her to quarrel with Shaun last night, and she was also holding Shaun tightly, as if holding her lover, making Elvira’s heart more painful.



Tears slowly dripped down from Elvira’s beautiful eyes.

At this moment, Elvira only felt like a dagger, piercing her heart fiercely.

Although she looked down on Shaun before, after so long, she has long regarded Shaun as her husband, especially after they both have experienced hardship and anxiety together.

He is not only her husband but also her everything.

They can live and die together!

But she couldn’t even dream of it.

The man she loves the most, unexpectedly…


Elvira’s tears fell from her eyes, and she threw the phone back to Chang Yuan.

Her beautiful eyes were wet and red, full of sadness:

“I don’t want to see anything, I don’t listen to you, I don’t believe it!”

“Shaun loves me as much as I love him! He will not betray me, never!”

That’s it!

Elvira wiped her tears and drove her car away.

Looking at Elvira’s sad look, listening to her self-deception.

The corners of Chang Yuan’s mouth could not help showing a hint of an insidious arc.

He knew that his plan had succeeded! “

“Hahaha…Shaun, just wait! When I meet the Ye family, with time I will be with the people of the Bai family, even if Tian Hao and others all support you, you are going to die!”

“Elvira is mine, and your life is mine!”

Thinking of this!

Chang Yuan immediately left with a cheerful smile.

In the company!

CEO’s office.

Elvira sat stupidly at the desk, her whole body as if lost, her face full of confusion and sluggishness.



One after another tears fell from her eyes, her heart hurts so much…


Her eyes stared at a picture frame in her hand.

In this picture frame, there is a man and a woman, the one who smiles happily, the talented girl looks like a natural fit.

The male is Shaun, and the other is herself.

This is the only photo of her and Shaun.

Before, she had kept it in her safe, and she would take out this frame only when there was no one around.

And now!

Looking at the two people who were smiling very sweetly in the photo, her heart was completely broken.


Elvira lay on the table, and she cried silently.

Her cry was full of sadness and disappointment:

“Shaun, you didn’t betray me, right? I know that even if the whole world betrayed me, you would stand by my side, right?”

Elvira asked him over and over again.

She seemed to be telling herself that all this was a misunderstanding.

Inside the room, it was quiet and empty, and no one could give her the answer.

Time passed slowly.

Elvira spent the whole morning in this muddle-headed state.

Her beautiful eyes were almost full of redness and swelling.

And at noon!

Jingle Bell!

A cell phone bell rang.

The caller was Chang Yuan.

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