Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1042

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Chapter 1042



Downstairs in the community, old people are looking at the children and chatting.

But at this moment.

Almost everyone felt the temperature here as if it had dropped several degrees suddenly, causing them to shiver.

Haven’t waited for their doubts to speak out.

Suddenly everyone saw that a figure wearing a bib, like lightning, flushed away from them before disappearing instantly.

For a moment!

Everyone thought they had hallucinations.

Especially those children, after seeing the silhouette of the bib disappearing in front of them, one by one suddenly jumped up excitedly:

“Superman! Superman bib! That’s amazing!”

“Grandma, I saw Superman, he was in a bib!”


Those children, as if they have seen their idol, in reality, were jumping in happiness.

But the group of chatting old people looked at each other at this moment.

One by one even suspected that he was presbyopic.

“Old Mr. Lin, did you see it? What happened just now?”

“Impossible! If it is a human, how this fast he can be? I saw it just now, it seemed like a flash of light! “

Mom! Will it be Liu Xiang, our Chinese flying man! How could he be so fast!”


At this moment!

Shaun didn’t know that he had become the idol of all children and the topic for all the elderly.

At this moment, Shaun almost used his speed to the extreme.


Where he passed, in the community, it was like a gust of wind blowing.

Pieces of green plants were blown and shaken in this strong wind.

Many passersby rubbed their eyes, doubting life.

“No matter who you are! If Elvira suffers the slightest bit of damage, I will destroy you, and smash your whole family into pieces!!!”

Thick suffocation filled Shaun’s eyes.

At the moment!

The imposing vigor is like a demon, like a life-threatening god of death crawling out of hell, and it is enough to scare people to pee after a glance.

And at this moment, it’s in the Tianzi box of the Crown Club.

Ye Chen and Chang Yuan exchanged their cups with excitement.

“Hahaha… Ye Chen, congratulations! Once the effect of the medicine begins, Elvira will become a plaything in your palm!” Chang Yuan’s heart, although extremely complicated.

But thinking that from now on, he will climb the ladder of success with the help of Ye Family, and he was still very excited after he was overbearing in Jiangnan.

Hearing this!

Thinking of Elvira’s charming face and hot and enchanting figure, Ye Chen smiled evilly:

“Hahaha…This time thank you Chang Yuan for your help!”

“Hey! The thinking of conquering the No. 1 beauty president in Jiangnan, to be honest, I can’t stand it anymore now!”

Ye Chen drank the wine in his glass, and the evil desire in his heart became more and more intense.

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