Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1048

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Chapter 1048

“Hahaha…Elvira, now you are finally going to be my woman!”

Seeing Elvira’s pale face at the moment, Ye Chen’s heart suddenly became extremely excited.

This Jiang City’s first beautiful president is finally going to become his plaything!

Thinking of this, Ye Chen only felt a fever in his lower body.

At the moment, step by step, he approached Elvira.

Not only him!

There was a complex color on Chang Yuan’s face.

He has been secretly in love with Elvira for so long, but he didn’t think that Ye Chen finally took the lead:

“Elvira, you will leave Ye Chen! Don’t worry, I can take over in the future!”

“I will not dislike you! You are still my goddess in my eyes!”

That’s it!

Chang Yuan stepped aside and let Ye Chen walk past him towards Elvira.

Just at this moment.

“Don’t come here!!!”

Elvira screamed, and then immediately placed the eyebrow trimming knife on her neck.


This scene shocked Chang Yuan and Ye Chen.

They never thought that Elvira would be so stubborn that she would rather die than get harrassed.

Seeing that sharp eyebrow trimmer on Elvira’s neck, suddenly the face of both became ugly.

“Elvira, don’t be impulsive!” Ye Chen stopped quickly, not daring to take a step forward.

And Chang Yuan also said anxiously:

“Elvira, don’t be stupid! Even if you are dead, what can you do! Don’t forget, your husband Shaun is still alive!”

“If Ye Chen angers Shaun, he can only bury you at that time!

Hearing the name of Shaun, Elvira said:

“No! You can’t deal with Shaun!”

Moreover, he will avenge me!

In Elvira’s beautiful eyes, a trace of recollection appeared.

In her mind, Shaun flushed through like a movie clip.

Three years!

Her happy three Years.

Every day, because of Shaun’s company.

“Husband, I will never be with you in the future, I can’t accompany you to see the prosperity!”

We will live together in the next life…bye!” “



One after another, the crystal clear tears slid down from Elvira’s beautiful eyes, fell to the ground, and shattered, as if her heart was completely desperate.

Then, a trace of decisive death appeared from the bottom of her eyes. The eyebrow trimming knife in her hand is about to pierce her neck!

“Shaun, goodbye!”

The voice is heartbreaking.

These are Elvira’s final words, Shaun.

And after seeing this scene.

Ye Chen and Chang Yuan’s expressions changed drastically. They wanted to stop it, but they couldn’t do it at all.

But at this moment!

A cold and cold breath permeated the whole box in an instant, and then a fingernail-sized thing burst out of the room like lightning.

This thing is going to the extreme, the extreme precision.

Almost instantly hit the eyebrow trimming knife in Elvira’s hand.


Elvira only felt her palm shake, and the eyebrow trimming knife was instantly knocked to the ground.


Just an inch away, Elvira’s throat would be pierced.

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