Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1052

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Chapter 1052


Shaun’s words were filled with endless arrogance as if in his eyes, Ye Family was just a tiny ant, which was more suitable for Ye Chen and Chang Yuan to hardly believe their ears.

And just when Ye Chen was about to continue to say something.

But suddenly he heard a cold voice from outside.

“What a courage, who dares to be so arrogant to destroy my Ye Family!”

This word reveals strong suffocation and coldness.

And hearing this voice!

Ye Chen was taken aback for a moment, then got ecstatic!

“Big brother! Hahaha…Big brother, come here! Save me! Save me!”

Ye Chen looked out of the box with expectation.

Not only him!

Chang Yuan was also in ecstasy.

He is finally here?

Chang Yuan had heard that Ye Chen’s eldest brother was not only a direct disciple of the Ye family, but he even stayed away all year round, following a genius doctor and learning medical skills.

Ye Chen’s eldest brother also held a lofty position in the Ye family. He was placed high hopes by the Ye family, and he was even one of several Ye family heirs.

And recently, this person has even attached a big figure, and this time he came back to confess something good to the family.

And in their expecting eyes.


Many footsteps resounded instantly from outside the box.

Then they saw that many bodyguards appeared at the door instantly.

Ten people!

Twenty people!

These people are extremely majestic, like iron towers, with evil spirits looming on their bodies.

Especially, on the road separated from these bodyguards.

A young man walked over.

He is Ye Chen’s eldest brother.

“Big brother! Hahaha… you are finally here! Quick, let me get him down!”

Ye Chen was extremely ecstatic as if he had seen his hope thoroughly.

And Chang Yuan, also full of ecstasy, looked at Shaun with a hint of sarcasm and pleasure.

That’s it!

Shaun, this arrogant bastard, is dead.


As soon as the young man walked to the door, he instantly saw Ye Chen kneeling on the ground, a trace of scarlet blood flowing from under his crotch, which made the young man’s complexion change drastically.

“Ye Chen! Your lower body!!!”

The young man was so furious that he didn’t even have time to look at Shaun at this moment, so he ran to Ye Chen’s front and helped him investigate.

But, under this look.

The youth’s complexion, almost dripping with gloom:

“Damn it! Ye Chen, you are completely abolished! I am afraid it will never be cured again!”


The words of this young man, to Ye Chen, were like a bolt from the blue sky, making him look dead.

But he knew that his eldest brother was a disciple of a genius doctor with superb medical skills.

Since he said that his lower body would never be cured, it also meant that he wasted his entire life.


“Kill him! Brother, kill him for me!”

Ye Chen stared at Shaun as if looking at his enemy.

And hearing this.

The youth’s complexion also showed a murderous intent.

He gradually stood up, then slowly turned around and looked towards Shaun.

He wants to see who it was who has dared to abolish his younger brother, wants to kill him, and even threatened that if the Ye Family dared to take revenge, he will even destroy Ye Family!

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