Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1054

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Chapter 1054

“Impossible! What did this guy do, how could he become Ye Tian’s master!”

In Chang Yuan’s eyes, there was a thick panic.

He has heard of it.

Ye Tian is an apprentice of a genius doctor. Although he didn’t know the name of that genius doctor. Doesn’t it mean that Shaun is the master of that genius doctor?

This is incredible, after all, Shaun is only in his early twenties.

It’s just that at this moment, Shaun didn’t care about Ye Chen and Chang Yuan’s shock.

He looked at Ye Tian, a trace of chill appeared in his eyes:

“You want to stop me?”


These words fell in Ye Tian’s ears, and he felt as if he has been hit by a thunderstorm, causing his body to tremble fiercely:

“I can’t dare!”

Ye Tian’s head was lowered, his forehead was almost stuck to the ground, and his voice trembled:

“It’s just that the disciple wants to know, why the master was so angry with Ye Chen that he even wants to kill him?”

Ye Tian didn’t know what has happened before.

But he knew that his master, who never caused trouble, was probably what Ye Chen had done.

Hearing this.

Shaun’s eyes became colder.

“Your brother plotted against Elvira!”


As soon as this remark came out, Ye Tian was almost shocked.

He knew that his master loves his wife the most. For Elvira, let alone Ye Chen, Shaun will kill everyone here for her.

Even, it is very likely that it will be a shocking disaster for their entire Ye Family.



Dense sweat ran down from Ye Tian’s forehead.

What to do?

As the young master of the dignified Ye Family, Ye Tian was completely panicked at this moment.

After a moment of contemplation, he sighed long and said to Shaun:

“The disciple understands! It is Ye Chen’s sin that is unforgivable! Master, you can do whatever you want!”


Ye Tian’s words fell in Ye Chen’s ears behind, like a bolt from the blue sky, making him completely panicked.

“Brother, you…you can’t do this, I’m your brother, how can you do this to me!”

“Also, what kind of thing is this guy? He is just a dumpling from Jiangshi. We are the Ye family’s children. You consider him as the master, and you have lost our Ye family’s face! Now, you even agreed to him to kill me!”

Ye Chen was so angry that he madly shouted at Ye Tian.

Just hearing this.

In Ye Tian’s eyes, a trace of complexity appeared, and the look at Ye Chen face was filled with deep pity:

“Ye Chen, don’t blame your brother! You mostly do evil things, bullying men and women, I had warned you a long time ago, you must get rid of your bad habits!”

“But you didn’t listen!”

“And you were so courageous that you went against our Master and Miss Elvira! You deserve it!”


Ye Tian’s words made Ye Chen’s body tremble, and his body was cold.

Is he finished?

He couldn’t believe that Shaun had such a terrifying power, making Ye Tian, who had always been extremely arrogant, behaving obediently, it was simply incredible.

Da da da!

At this time, when he saw Shaun walking towards him step by step.

Ye Chen’s face was even ashen:

“No! Shaun, I don’t know what ecstasy you gave my eldest brother! But you have to think, I am the son of Ye family, if you kill me, it will be equivalent to provoking our Ye family!”‘

“You will die, your wife will die, and even your whole family will die!”

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