Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1057

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Chapter 1057


Chang Yuan’s eyelids jumped wildly and raised his head, only to realize that Shaun was staring at him.

In particular, a sharp curve appeared at the corner of his mouth, and his gaze looked like he was looking at a dead person.

“You… What do you want to do?”

Chang Yuan shuddered like chaff.

He was afraid that this lunatic would kill him at this moment.

However, Shaun smiled and said lightly:

“Keep your dog’s life first, and then take it when I come back from the guard!”


Back from the guard station?

Hearing this, the corners of Chang Yuan’s mouth instantly showed a thick color of disdain and sarcasm.

Come back?

Your dream!

If you kill someone in front of a policeman, you will be guilty of death.

Thinking of this, Chang Yuan didn’t refute, instead, he was thinking about how to completely resolve Shaun’s threat.

However, Shaun didn’t care about the reptiles like Chang Yuan at all.

He turned his head to look at Ye Tian, and said lightly:

“Elvira will wake up in ten minutes! Don’t tell her the truth then, let her go back to the hospital and wait for me!”

Hearing Shaun’s words.

Ye Tian bowed quickly and responded:

“Yes, Master!”

Shaun turned his head and followed Sima Yarner and the others before leaving the box.

Seeing Shaun and others leave.

A bodyguard next to him quickly stepped forward and said to Ye Tian:

“Master Ye Tian, this guy killed Master Ye Chen, are you willing to let him go? He has provoked our Ye family!”

“Also, do you think he can get out of the guard? He has killed someone in front of the policeman!”

Not only this bodyguard.

Even the other bodyguards around and Chang Yuan on the ground. They also glanced at Ye Tian all together.

They simply couldn’t figure out why Ye Tian didn’t have the slightest resentment while his brother was killed, but even he was relieved.

They can’t understand.

Shaun has become a murderer, why does Ye Tian still treat him so respectfully?

After Ye Tian heard the bodyguard’s words, he looked at Ye Chen on the ground.

A trace of sadness and complexity emerged in the eyes:

“What do you know! Ye Chen, this bastard, was not only looking for his death, but even all of us in the Ye family were in danger!”


Ye Tian’s words fell in everyone’s ears, making everyone’s eyes widened, and they couldn’t believe what they heard.

Could it be that!

Does Shaun really have the terror ability to destroy the Ye Family?

But how is this possible?

Not only the bodyguards were unbelievable, but Chang Yuan on the ground shuddered. He was relieved just now and suddenly became suffocated and frightened.

If Shaun really had such a terrifying ability.

Then once he comes out of the guard alive, doesn’t it mean that the next person to die will be him.

Thinking of this!

Chang Yuan only felt his scalp numb.


Ye Tian didn’t care about him at all, and ordered to the bodyguard:

“Throw Chang Yuan out to here!”

“Also, you wait outside the door, wait for Miss Elvira to wake up, and escort Miss Elvira back to the hospital!”

“And now I’m going to report to the Patriarch!”

Report to the Patriarch!

Ye Tian’s expression was a bit complicated. He knew that just the sequelae of this incident might make Shaun anger the Ye Family, and he had to resolve all these problems now.

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