Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1062

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Chapter 1062


This scene shocked Sima Yan’er.

Not only the palm but at this moment Sima Yan’er was shocked to discover that handcuffs on Shaun had fallen to the ground without making a sound.

This made her couldn’t believe her eyes.


Sima Yan’er’s pretty face turned pale, her expression full of endless panic.

She had seen with her eyes how ferocious and crazy this bastard is.

Originally, she thought that when Shaun was locked in handcuffs and fetters, she can avenge.

“What do you want to do? Just let me go, I’m a police person! You…”

Sima Yan’er’s pretty face turned pale.

For fear that Shaun would harm her.

Just hearing this, Shaun slowly stood up from the seat. He grabbed Sima Yan’er’s jade foot with one hand and raised her leg almost to the air. The smile on the corner of his mouth became more playful:

“Humph! You woman, you want to be against me since the morning!”

“In that case, then I will teach you a lesson!”


Sima Yan’er got taken aback.

And before she could react.

Shaun twisted his jade foot again, causing Sima Yan’er’s body to suddenly turn uncontrollably.

Then, under pressure, Sima Yan’er staggered before lying on the interrogation table.


Sima Yan’er didn’t know what Shaun was going to do, but with her back facing Shaun, she had a strong premonition in her heart.

It was just when Sima Yan’er wanted to continue to scold Shaun.


She only felt a big fiery hand, and slapped her hips fiercely, causing her body to tremble involuntarily.

“You…you dared to hit me?”

A trace of red glow climbed up to Sima Yan’er’s pretty face.

At this moment, she was extremely ashamed and angry, but she could not even dream that she was spanked by a prisoner.

She is normal, but she has not had any physical contact with men, except for Shaun last night.

And now!

She was humiliated by this bastard again, which made Sima Yan’er so ashamed that she couldn’t wait to find a place to sew in.

But this is just the beginning!


There was another clear and loud shot, resounded.

Shaun’s palm fell fiercely on Sima Yan’er’s hip again and again.

Have to say!

Sima Yan’er felt it good.

Every time a slap fell, that round and full buttocks trembled fiercely and make her heart beat faster.

And with the slap falling.

Sima Yan’er only felt her buttocks, hot, like a kind of magical electric current, penetrated into her buttocks, and rushed towards her limbs.

This feeling made Sima Yan’er feel sore.

Even, her heart was rippling, and a shy flush appeared on her face.

“Ahole! Shaun, you Ahole!”

Sima Yan’er bit her red lips, her pretty face was almost bleeding.

Especially her beautiful eyes, blurred and hazy, with a hint of charming spring.


Shaun ignored Sima Yan’er and was still spanking Sima Yan’er’s ass. This made Sima Yan’er tremble even more, and she was completely in a trance!

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