Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1065

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Chapter 1065



At the moment when Hong Qiang’s punch hit Shaun’s lower abdomen fiercely, he only felt that his fist has hit the copper wall, and it was even difficult to advance even the slightest.

Especially under his full strength, his forearm could not withstand the powerful countershock.

Broke instantly.


When surrounding policemen heard the screams, everyone saw with astonishment that Hong Qiang was holding his deformed forearm, and he retreated madly.


Wei Fengqiang and all the police officers were dumbfounded.

What…what’s going on?

Hong Qiang punched it down, why Shaun was unscathed, but Hong Qiang’s forearm was broken?

This is incredible.

In an instant, whether it was Wei Fengqiang or the rest of the police officers, their expressions changed drastically.

“Brother Hong, what’s wrong with you? Your arm…”

“Oh my God, it’s broken! Hong Brother, what happened just now, this kid is okay, but your arm is broken!”


These people surrounded Hong Qiang and kept asking questions. Everyone’s faces were filled with deep horror and puzzlement.

At this moment.

They even saw that Hong Qiang’s face was as white as paper.

Especially, he looked at Shaun as if he were looking at a devil:

“Captain! There is something in this kid’s abdomen! I punched him on his stomach with all my strength, it just felt like hitting an iron wall, it didn’t hurt him at all!”

“Instead, the force of the countershock broke my arm…”


When everyone heard Hong Qiang’s words, everyone was shocked.

They couldn’t imagine that there was something hidden in Shaun’s abdomen that has broken Hong Qiang’s arm. This is incredible.

“You two go over and check what this bastard is hiding!” Wei Fengqiang’s complexion almost dripped with a gloomy expression.

And hearing his words.

The two policemen immediately walked towards Shaun.

When they came to Shaun’s front, both of them hurriedly checked his clothes.

When everyone’s eyes fell on Shaun’s abdomen, their expressions froze.

Nothing is hidden!

What everyone saw was just a piece of bronzed skin.

The upper eight-pack abdominal muscles are as hard as iron blocks.

The edges and corners are distinct, and there is no trace of fat.

This is more than that.

Scars, gunshot wounds…

The scars, like men’s medals, reveal shocking visual sights.


The two police officers closest to Shaun couldn’t help swallowing their spit.

It was the first time they have saw such perfect abs.

When they saw that each of the abdominal muscles not only looked as hard as iron but even seemed to contain extremely terrifying explosive power, which made people tremble.

“Captain, who is this guy? How can he have so many wounds on his abdomen!”

A police officer asked incredulously.

Just the abdomen, there are six scars, what about Shaun’s whole body?

There are so many scars, I am afraid it is unimaginable!

More than the people around.

Even Wei Fengqiang felt his scalp numb at this moment.

“A**hole! Ye Ming, what kind of monster is this for me to deal with!”

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