Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1069

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Chapter 1069

And at the same time!

At the gate of the guard station, it was densely packed at this moment, and it was full of military vehicles. From a distance, the green and uniform figures of sergeants, like a sea of ​​people, were shocking to the extreme.

Dragon and Tiger Legion!

This mere name is a terrifying force that has changed the world.

And now, they have blocked the guard station.

A terrifying evil spirit roared in front of the guard station.

This is like an army of demons. Just looking at them makes the scalp numb.

At the forefront of this ten thousand army.

There were two big men standing like iron towers.

They just stood there, giving people a terrible aura as if two mountains remained unmoving.

both of them have one look, they can retreat from all enemies!

They, that are the two gods, Dragon and Tiger Commanders!

And in the courtyard.

Many police officers have come out and looking at the terrifying Dragon and Tiger Legion, with a deep fear and trepidation in their eyes.

“Oh my god! War gods, how come these two giants come to us at the guard station!”

“Yes, what has happened? They surrounded our guard station, could it be that we have broken into something? A terrible disaster!”

“No! If we have caused a disaster, the Dragon and Tiger Legion would have arrested us all! But it seems they are waiting for someone?”


When they heard someone speculate, the reason why Gods of War surrounded the door seemed to be waiting for someone.

The bodies of all the police officers trembled fiercely.

That’s right!

If they really came to catch them, these little police officers, like a group of chickens, would have been suppressed by the terrifying Dragon and Tiger Army.

The Gods of Wars and the Ten Thousand Army Corps have surrounded the station but did not act at all.

They must be waiting for someone.

It’s just that everyone can’t imagine what kind of character it is that can make the gods of wars and the army of ten thousand waits.

This is simply incredible.

“It’s really hard to imagine, who else in China can let the gods of wars wait!”

“Yes! It’s terrible! How can such a big person be in our guard station!”

“Look! Captain Wei Fengqiang is here! Now!”


Hearing this, police officers looked towards the building one after another.

They say that at this moment, Wei Fengqiang seemed to have burnt his buttocks. With a group of police officers, they ran from the building.

Their faces were full of panic and anxiety.

After a while, they ran to the front of the two war gods and they were out of breath.


Headed by Wei Fengqiang, all the police officers bowed to Dragon and Tiger.

“I’m Wei Fengqiang, captain of the Jiangnan Security Bureau, and I welcome thE Gods of War to our guards as a guest!”

“I don’t know if I can do anything for the two honorable?”

At this moment, on Wei Fengqiang’s face, there is a thick and flattering smile.

Like a pug, he looked expectantly at the Gods of War. This scene, and his previous arrogance and domineering, were very different.

And hearing this.

Dragon and Tiger only glanced at Wei Fengqiang lightly, as if looking at a small ant.

“We are waiting for Shan Lin!”

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