Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1078

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Chapter 1078

“Long Shuai, Hu Shuai welcome, Ye Wuya has lost a long way to welcome them!

At this moment, Ye Wuya felt his scalp numb for a while, and hurried to the front of Gods of War, bowing and saluting.

Dense cold sweat ran down from his forehead.

“I don’t know why you both lords have come to Ye’s house?”

While asking this sentence, Ye Wuya only felt his heart beating wildly, almost popping out of his throat.

And behind.

The senior members of the Ye’s Family and their direct descendants also burst their scalp, looking at the Gods of War and the sergeants, full of fear and horror.

For some reason, at this moment, the minds of all Ye’s Family members echoed the roar that Ye Tian had made before.

Ye’s Family, disaster is imminent!

Is this it?

For an instant, every Ye’s Family looked at Ye Tian incredulously, with a look of panic to the extreme.

“Ye Wuya!”

Long Shuai’s eyes were extremely sharp, as if in his eyes, even if the Ye’s Family is a hidden worldly wealthy, it is nothing more than ants:

“Your Ye’s Family is convict?”


Long Shuai’s words were tantamount to a bolt from the blue to all the Ye’s Family members and completely frightened them.

“Long Shuai, my Ye’s Family has always been abiding by discipline and law. I don’t know what the crime is?” Ye Wuya’s mouth showed a deep wry smile.

But, hearing this, the two gods were exasperated.

“You don’t know what the crime is?”

“Then I told you, Ye Chen was planning to plot a crime against President Elvira, it is a crime.”

“Ye Ming bought Wei Fengqiang and wanted to kill Shan Lin, it is a crime.”

Long Shuai’s words were like bursts of thunder, leaving every Ye’s Family cold.

It just followed.


Ye Wuya and all the Ye’s Family were stunned. They seemed to have heard Long Shuai saying ‘Shan Lin’?

Is this a mistake?

Ye Wuya’s face, as if he had seen a ghost, asked Long Shuai:

“Long Shuai, Ye Chen was not righteous and wanted to plot against President Elvira, and he is dead!”

“Also, did I get it wrong just now?”

“You said Ye Ming wanted to kill Shan Lin?”



Dense cold sweat ran down from the foreheads of Ye’s Family members one after another.

They looked at Long Shuai’s eyes, filled with deep horror and disbelief.

China Forest Block!

That is one of the top bosses in China.

Even if they were given a thousand courage to the Ye’s Family, how could they dare to deal with such a big man?

If he moves his fingers, he can crush Ye’s Family to death.

Especially Ye Ming among the crowd.

He was completely confused:

“No…impossible! Why would I want to kill Shan Lin, I just want to kill a small son-in-law from Jiang Shi!”

Ye Ming’s complexion was as pale as paper.

On the side, Ye Tian also sweated coldly:

“Could it be that, apart from being the King of the Blood Prison, Master, that person?”

Thinking of this, Ye Tian also only felt a tingling scalp.


Long Shuai gave a cold snort at this moment, staring at Ye Wuya, and said:

“You heard me right. What I said just now is that your family wanted to kill Shan Lin!”

Shan Lin!

After confirming this, Ye Wuya and all the Ye’s Family members were almost frightened to death.



There were even Ye’s Family members who couldn’t bear such pressure and fell to the ground.

This is more than that.

Hu Shuai glanced at the Ye’s Family coldly and smiled sorrowfully:

“Because Shan Lin is Mr. Shaun!”

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