Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1081

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Chapter 1081

Apologize to Ye’s Family by kneeling.

Give the property and Elvira to Ye’s Family in exchange for forgiveness!

At this moment, when the Baishan family heard Taigong Shen’s words, all their faces became extremely pale.

They couldn’t imagine that Taigong Shen will agree to give away his granddaughter.

For a moment!

Baishan’s face was almost flashed with anger, he shouted angrily at Taigong Shen and others:

“Dad! How can you say this! Shaun is now unknown to life and death, you want to give Elvira to Ye’s Family, are you worthy of us? Are you worthy of Shaun?”

Not just Baishan.

Paula’s face was also full of disappointment:

“Dad! I won’t agree to give Elvira to Ye’s Family! Never agree!”

The attitude of Baishan and Paula was extremely determined.

And seeing this scene.

Jian and Shen Jie beside persuaded:

“Second sister! Brother-in-law! Why do you think so much? That Shaun, he is now a murderer and is completely over, do you not want Elvira to stay alive?”

“Yes, second aunt! That’s Ye’s Family, how many women in the south of the Yangtze River, we dream of wanting to join the rich family! If Elvira’s cousin enters Ye’s Family, even as a maid, it will be an extremely honorable thing!”

In the eyes of Jian and his son.

Even at all costs, there must be no conflict with Ye’s Family, otherwise, not only will the Baishan family be over, but their Shen family will be over.

And at the moment!

Seeing the quarrel between the two sides.

Chang Yuan on the side said to Elvira:

“Elvira, even if you are thinking about yourself, don’t you think about your uncle, aunt, and Shaun?”


Elvira’s body trembled fiercely when she heard Shaun’s name.

Yes, if you can obtain Ye’s Family’s forgiveness, then even if Shaun is a murderer, there may be a hint of life.

And if Ye’s Family takes revenge, then Shaun will undoubtedly die.

There is no way for him to survive.

Thinking of this.

On Elvira’s pretty face, thick ashes and despair appeared.

What to do!

What should we do?

Seeing Elvira’s hesitant look, Chang Yuan’s heart suddenly became ecstatic, and quickly added fuel and jealousy, and continued:

“Elvira, now the heir of Ye’s Family is Young Master Ye Ming! He will definitely like you. As long as you get the favor of Young Master Ye Ming, then he can make Ye’s Family give up the plan of revenge! You can even use your relationship to make Lin Where is exempt from the death penalty!”

Exempt from the death penalty!

These words made Elvira’s body tremble fiercely.

She didn’t want Shaun to die.

And she couldn’t betray Shaun.

The tears slid down from Elvira’s beautiful eyes.

Her extremely glamorous face was full of ashes and sadness.

When Taigong Shen saw this scene.

His old face full of wrinkles suddenly flashed a stern look, and he shouted solemnly:

“Okay! Whether you like it or not, do as what I say!”

“Your family, immediately go and kneel outside Ye’s Family’s gate! Hand over all your property and Elvira to Master Ye Ming, to ask Ye’s Family’s forgiveness!”

Taigong Shen’s words were full of unquestionable tone.

Hearing this.

The expressions of the Baishan family were all gray, but Chang Yuan was almost happy in his heart.

He knew that he would never get Elvira again in his life, but he wanted to retaliate against Shaun.

The best way is to send Elvira to Ye Ming.

Not only could he retaliate against Shaun, but he could even win Ye Ming’s trust, which would kill two birds with one stone.

And now, is it finally going to succeed.

Thinking of this, the smile on Chang Yuan’s face was extremely rich.

Just at this moment.

“I disagree!!!”

A cold voice came from outside the door.

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