Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1087

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Chapter 1087


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the ward fell on Shaun, and their faces gleamed with unbelievable denseness.

Especially Chang Yuan!

“No… impossible! How did this guy do it?”

Chang Yuan’s complexion was as white as paper, and dense cold sweat flowed continuously from his forehead.

Killing Ye Chen, nothing happened.

Was caught and imprisoned and released without charge.

And now, Ye’s Family killed their heir Ye Ming for Shaun and even gave half of their wealth to Elvira.

This pile is too creepy.

Ye Wuya and others had already left, but everyone still couldn’t react to the shock.

Feeling the eyes of everyone.

Shaun shrugged helplessly, and said to Elvira:

“Wife, this matter has nothing to do with me! It should be the work of Gods of War.”

“I just heard that Ye’s Family seems to have offended the Gods of War, and Shan Lin!”


Shaun’s words stunned everyone.

Gods of War!

Shan Lin!

They didn’t expect that this incident would have even alarmed such a terrifying big man.

For a moment, whether it was the Baishan family or Jian and others, they breathed a sigh of relief.

After all!

If it was Shaun, then Shaun would be too terrifying, but if it were Shan Lin and Gods of War, then everything made sense.

Elvira’s heart is still full of doubts.

Even after listening to Shaun’s explanation, for some reason, in her heart, she still felt that she couldn’t get rid of this guy.

However, just when Elvira was about to continue questioning.

Jingle Bell!

A ringing sound of the telephone came from Chang Yuan’s pocket.

This scene made Chang Yuan’s heart chuckle.

When he got on the phone, he heard noisy voices on the other end of the phone:

“Chairman, it’s bad news! Our Chang Group has been officially sealed off! Our previous tax evasions have all been exposed!”


Hearing this horrified voice, Chang Yuan’s face was brushed and turned white as paper.

However, this is just the beginning.

After the call was hung up, one call after another rang:

“Brother! No, my parents’ company involved bribery of public officials and has been taken away!”

“Chang Yuan! Your family owes me fifty million, and you are limited to pay it off in one week. Otherwise, I will find someone to chop you off and feed to dogs!”

“Chang Yuan, you liar, you are a pauper, tired of debts, so you really want to lie to my old lady! Go away…”


These calls seemed like bolts from the blue sky after another.

These are from his creditors, relatives, and girlfriend.

But almost every one of them is pushing Chang Yuan into the abyss of hell step by step.

His company is completely over.

His creditors are forcing debts!

His girlfriend patted his butt and left.

These blows made Chang Yuan almost fainted.

“Something better than death, it turned out to be true!”

“I am done!”

Chang Yuan’s face was pale to the extreme. At this moment, he seemed to have seen his miserable life.

Looking at Chang Yuan’s ashen face.

The feelings of Jian and his son beside him became more complicated.

Who would have thought that Chang Yuan was overwhelmed with Ye Ming’s backing just now?

Shaun, who was bound to die, is safe, unscathed, and even helped Elvira to become a super-rich woman in Jiangnan City.

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