Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1100

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Chapter 1100


After this scream resounded, everyone was frightened suddenly.

If it was just a repost from the giants of the entertainment industry, they can understand, after all, those bigwigs may be looking at Kelly’s face.

And now!

Jiangnan Government Official WeChat!

Dragon Tiger Corps official micro!

The official WeChat account of the Chinese military!

This is China’s most powerful platform account. These accounts usually only publish some national events and world news. How can it be possible to post and forward personal group photos?

This is so, what happened.

At the moment, everyone’s eyelids frantically checked the social platforms.

They were shocked to discover that also Jiangnan Official WeChat, Longhu Official WeChat, and China Military Ministry Official WeChat, there were even dozens of other national big official WeChat accounts, both large and small, and they liked and reposted them.

In particular, almost every dynamic is written.

‘Jiangnan government official micro: Gods and relatives, blessing! ‘

“Dragon and Tiger Corps official micro: gods and relatives, blessings!’

‘Huaxia Military Ministry Official WeChat: Gods and relatives, bless! ‘


After seeing the densely packed blessing official microblog, they saw that the popularity instantly soared to the top of the hot search, after suppressing other celebrity dynamics and sweeping the entire network.



Big beads of sweat slid down the foreheads of everyone in the hall.


They have never seen such a terrible lineup of blessings, which are all official blessings from China, especially the neatly arranged blessing dynamics, which are more like congratulating Elvira and Shaun.

It is the first time that China’s social networking platform has made a breakthrough.

And when this scene fell in Zheng Hao’s eyes, his face was instant as white as paper.

“How could this happen! How can all the official accounts of Huaxia help an ordinary person to promote, especially this is an endorsement advertising photo! How is this possible!”

Zheng Hao’s heart was shocking.

This is definitely the scariest scene he has ever seen in his life.

All official micro-blogs together bless an endorsement photo?

This is crazy.

Jingle Bell!

At this moment, Zheng Hao’s cell phone rang, and he quickly answered the call.

Just after the call was connected, there was a shout of fright and anger:

“Zheng Hao! I’m stubborn about your ancestors, do you really cheat father, right? You told me to reject the New Bai Group, but now, all of our official accounts in China are promoting the New Bai Group’s endorsement photos! Now, the father has been dismissed, All because of you!”


This curse, like a bolt from the blue, made Zheng Hao completely frightened.

This was the leader of a TV station and the person who has refused to cooperate with The New Bai Group before.

And now…


Jingle Bell!

As the first call hung up, Zheng Hao’s cell phone was completely blown up.

One phone after another rang, and one after another was frightened and cursed.

These people are almost all of Zheng Hao’s contacts.

But now!

Dismissal, investigation of prosecution.

There is no good end at all.

Until the last phone call rang, Zheng Hao’s face was as white as paper, and he said directly:

“Boss, are you looking for me?”

This call is the top leader of his entertainment company.

It can be said that a word from the surrounding bigwigs can determine the life and death of Zheng Hao.


The boss on the other end of the phone has not spoken.

After a minute passed.

And just when Zheng Hao was almost waiting to go crazy, the big guy on the other end of the phone finally spoke:

“Zheng Hao! I already know the stupid things you did in The New Bai Groups! You idiot, you don’t know what terrible existence you provoke!”

“You are done! You will be forever and ever, blocked by Xue Zang!”

Hearing this, Zheng Hao’s eyes went black and he almost passed out.

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