Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1105

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Chapter 1105

Numerous entertainment giants have left.

But in the entire ward, the atmosphere was silent and depressed.

Everyone felt their own heart, thumping and throbbing wildly, they were staring at Shaun as if they had seen a ghost.

“Shaun, you rejected them all?”

Baishan was shocked inexplicably.

After all, the invitations sent by those entertainment giants to Shaun were in the hundreds of millions, and every invitation was an astronomical number.

However, Shaun refused all of them. Is this still his son-in-law who has been in the family for three years without a dime on him?

More than Baishan.

Bai Yan felt that she had fallen below her views. In her eyes, Shaun was a poor ghost and a waste.

But this waste rejected the most violent money storm in the world, which made her hardly know Shaun.

“Dad! These were all contracts, it’s meaningless! Besides, I have a bad stomach and I like soft rice!”

Shaun said with a smile.

Sick stomach?

Eat soft rice?

Hearing this, whether it was Baishan and Paula or Bai Yan and others, the corners of their mouths twitched, and black lines appeared on their foreheads.

It turned out that the mud couldn’t support the wall.

Originally thought this guy regarded money as dung, but it turned out that he was just lazy.

“Huh! Shaun, don’t be proud! What if you are the male protagonist in the photo?”

The corners of Bai Yan’s mouth showed a trace of resentment:

“I’ll tell you the truth! Jiangnan Bai Family, they are about to retaliate against you! If you don’t want to die here, run away!”


Bai Yan’s words shocked everyone in the ward.

Jiangnan Bai family, one of the four hidden world giants.

Almost everyone knows that it was because of Shaun that the Jiangnan Bai family not only did not annex the New Bai Group but also lost the fat of the Bai family group.

It even made Bai Chen fail.

And now, is the Jiangnan Bai family finally going to retaliate?

“Bai Yan, do you know something?” Baishan’s face was as pale as a paper at this moment. Is his most worrying thing finally going to happen?

Everyone looked at Bai Yan.

Bai Yan smiled slightly and looked at Shaun as if looking at a dead person:

“Shaun, do you know who the second candidate for the successor of the Jiangnan Bai family is? He is called Bai Hu, a three-star warlord, who controls the Eastern Navy regiment, guards the East China Sea, and has 10,000 sergeants to dominate one side!”

“He is the disciple of Gods of War! And today, he is back!”


Hearing this, the complexion of everyone in the ward changed drastically.

The apprentice of Gods of War.

Samsung warrior!

Hearing these identities, Baishan and others looked pale as paper.

And words that even scared them continued to spread.

“Besides, Bai Hu already knows that the three white groups were planted in your hands, and the Jiangnan Bai family stumbled on you! He will definitely find you to retaliate! Hahaha…I will see how you die!”

Bai Yan’s voice was filled with deep pleasure.

But when these words fell, Baishan and Paula, and even the Taigong Shen family all had scalp tingling for a while.

The apprentice of the Gods of War, the Samsung warlord wanted revenge, and the consequences will be simply terrible.

After all!

Before that, it was the God of Dragon and Tiger, who crushed Ye’s Family, one of the four most reclusive giants, too much.

And their apprentice wants to avenge Shaun, and Shaun would die.

For an instant.

The expressions of Baishan and Paula changed drastically, and they wanted to persuade Shaun to run away.

But at this moment.


A loud noise came from outside the ward, and uniform footsteps resounded.

Under the shocking sight of everyone.

A heavily armed sergeant appeared at the door of the ward.

Ten people!

Hundreds of people!

Two hundred!

In the blink of an eye, the entire doorway of the ward was instantly blocked.

And this scene made everyone feel a little bit, they know that Shaun is over now!

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