Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1109

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Chapter 1109

South of Jiangnan City.

At ordinary times, it is deserted and uninhabited, but today, the land stretches for dozens of miles, and it is densely covered with green tents.

This is the resident of the White Tiger Army.

A fully armed sergeant, neatly and uniformly covering the entrances of the barracks.

Those pair of sharp eyes looked around like a tiger and wolf as if any wind blowing on the grass would be killed on the spot.

And at the moment.

In the most central location of the barracks.

It was densely packed with dozens of figures standing.

Each of these people wore a military uniform, mighty and tall, with medals, neatly.

Almost all one-star warlords and two-star warlords.

In front of the dozen or so powerful generals, stood a young man who looked like a tiger wolf, who turned out to be a three-star general.

He is the highest officer of the White Tiger Legion-White Tiger.

“People are coming, right?” Bai Hu had a national face, thick eyebrows, and big eyes, and his eyes flashed, exuding a terrible and strong murderous aura.

And hearing this.

At the moment, a two-star warrior folded his hands and said:

“Tiger General, that Shaun is on his way to be taken!”

“And the island country challenger, Ichiro Sasaki, is only one kilometer away from us!”

One sentence.

The evil aura on Bai Hu’s body became stronger. He licked the corners of his dry mouth, like a fierce beast that found its prey. The breath was shocking:

“Hey…good! Very good!”

“That Shaun, dauntless, caused great loss to our Bai family, and even wiped out the entire White Group! And today is the time to regain glory for the Bai family!”

After saying this.

A touch of dignity appeared on his firm face:

“Also, the most important thing is that Ichiro Sasaki! This island country ronin dare to set foot on the land of my Jiangnan, come to challenge our White Tiger Legion, will kill it! In order to promote my Chinese national prestige!”

Hearing this.

The dozens of one-star and two-star warlords next to him, and the densely packed white tiger army of nearly a thousand people, all boiled over.

They raised their arms one by one, roaring loudly:




It seems that in the eyes of these iron-blooded soldiers, Shaun should kill the miserable family, and Sasaki Ichiro provokes China, even more so.


In the sound of this terrifying cry, a green military vehicle galloped up and stopped in front of everyone.

When the car door opens.

Wei Fan, the one-star warrior, walked down slowly with Shaun.

Behind Shaun, there were two machine guns, which were aimed at his body.

The moment Shaun got out of the car, the gazes of the dozen or so one-star and two-star generals were all locked on Shaun.

Their eyes were cold and they looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a dead person.

If it is an ordinary person.

With just the gaze of these dozen warriors, if it an ordinary person he must be so frightened that he would collapse to the ground, and his urine flowed. However, to everyone’s surprise, Shaun seemed unaware of it. Under the leadership of Wei Fan, he came behind Bai Hu.

“Thanks to the tiger general, Shaun is here!” Wei Fan said to Bai Hu, arching his hands.

Hearing this.

Bai Hu still carried his hands on his back and didn’t turn around. It seemed that Shaun was not qualified to let him take a look.

And beside.

A two-star warrior stepped forward and yelled at Shaun:

“Little ant, why you don’t kneel down when you see the tiger general!”


The voice of this two-star warrior is loud, like Hong Zhong, resounding here.

Especially accompanied by the terrifying gazes of thousands of iron-blooded sergeants, they are monstrous and terrifying.


Shaun’s eyes were cold, he stared straight at the two-star warrior, the corners of his mouth curled slightly:

“Okay! Then you kneel down!”


Following Shaun’s words, the overwhelming coercion instantly swept across the body of the two-star warrior, and immediately sent him into the ice cellar.

Especially, he was caught off guard, only feeling the terrible pressure like a mountain, covering his body.

Let him soften his legs.

There was a puff.

Kneeled down in front of Shaun.


This scene happened too fast and too weird.

It was only a few seconds from Shaun letting the two-star warlord kneel to pouting to the ground.

When everyone around reacted.


Almost everyone can’t believe their eyes.

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