Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1123

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Chapter 1123


At this moment, everyone seemed to be strangling their throats, unable to make a sound, and their eyeballs seemed to burst out of their eye sockets.

The two young masters, Bai Chen and Bai Hu knelt before Shaun?

impossible! This is impossible!

Everyone rubbed their eyes frantically, wanting to know if they were dazzled.

But no matter how they rubbed it, the scene in front of them remained the same!

Then, their minds were completely burst!

The two young masters knelt in front of Shaun, and were asking him for forgiveness?

At this moment, everyone only felt that a horror rushed to the sky, and they only felt that they had hallucinations!

Especially the Shirakawa and Harper, after seeing this shocking scene, their hearts exploded.

They went crazy!

They humiliated Shaun in every possible way, but now he has instantly become the existence that makes the two young masters bow to their knees. How can they accept this?

However, a scene that is even more presumptuous is about to come!

“Zheng Honglian, Patriarch of the Bai family, please asks Mr. Lin for forgiveness!”

“Blood Dragon! Blood Tiger! Sorry, Mr. Lin!”


Everyone’s brains roared and they only felt horrified!

The scene in front of them is simply a shock of the century!

Bai Hu and Bai Chen knelt and it is considered terrifying, but Dragon Tiger and Zheng Honglian also knelt, it made them desperate!

The entire Galaxy Tower fell into a dead silence, and everyone looked at Shaun like a ghost.

Their boss is so terrifying that he can make Dragon and Tiger and the Patriarch of the Bai family kneel down and plead for sins?

At this time, Baishan and Paula were dumbfounded. That was the Patriarch of the Bai family!

The Jiangshi Bai family looked like an ant in her eyes, and such an existence kneeled to their son-in-law?

Are they dreaming?

“They are asking Shaun for forgiveness!”

Harper was stunned.

Shaun’s voice flashed in their minds, and this scene was a nightmare for them.

“I can make them kneel, do you believe it?”

Believe it?

Now that the facts are in front of them, how can they not believe it!

“Fake! It’s impossible! Patriarch, Gods of War, you must have made a mistake. In your capacity, how can you kneel to this waste?”

Shirakawa’s crazy roar was unacceptable.

What qualifications does this waste have to override the Patriarch and others?

“Shut up!”

Zheng Honglian was extremely angry, with murderous intent in her eyes, glaring at Shirakawa and others:

“Erye Shirakawa, Harper, you are so courageous, I asked you to comfort Mr. Lin’s mother-in-law and father-in-law, you dare to insult them, you are damned!”


The expressions of Harper and others suddenly changed wildly. It turned out that the “appeasement” that Bai Chen and the Patriarch said was completely literal, and they had misunderstood the content in their opinion.

Thinking of this, Shirakawa and the others trembled frantically, and their faces were ashamed.

Shirakawa’s eyes are splitting, extremely unwilling to say:

“Why is this? These guys clearly offended you, you should kill them!”


Zheng Honglian sneered immediately and glanced at Shirakawa contemptuously: “Because Elvira is the first successor of our Bai family!”


These words stirred up thousands of waves!

Everyone can’t believe their ears.

The first in the line of the Bai family’s successor, is she above Bai Hu and Baichen?

What’s this, what a joke?

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