Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1128

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Chapter 1128


When everyone saw Ye Shihao, a legendary hero, collapse to the ground, they all felt like dreaming!

Especially, they saw this overlord-level figure face as gray as death, howling in horror, and urinating, everyone felt terrified!

What is it that can make a murderous hero scared by just one glance?

However, the more terrifying things are still to come!

They suddenly discovered that the mighty and extraordinary Situ Hongrui also showed deep fear on his face, yelling frantically:

“Impossible! It is impossible to be the Demon God Totem!”

Everyone was stunned and went crazy!

Even Situ Hongrui got panicked.

What is that Demon Totem?

Seeing Situ Hongrui’s horrifying appearance, Huangfuxuan completely exploded, and there was a sudden ominous premonition in his heart, and he immediately shouted:

“Ye Shihao, what the hell are you doing! What is a devil totem!”

Ye Shihao stared straight at Shaun, with endless fear in his eyes, like seeing a ghost:

“The devil’s totem is an illustration from the world’s first bible. It is rumored that it is the oldest symbol of the devil, full of disasters and ominousness. Someone once tattooed this totem on the body, without exception they all died of bad luck!”

“And in this world, there is only one man who has this totem tattooed but is safe and sound. That man is very famous…”

“The King of Blood Prison!”


These words, suddenly thundering and lightning blasted wildly in everyone’s mind!

Even made everyone’s face ashen as dead, trembling violently, as if they were in the hell of Shura, the panic was extreme!

At this moment, everyone’s heartbeat thumped, as if they were about to burst open with fright, their eyes were already covered with scary blood!

King of the Blood Prison?

Lord of the Dark World!

The richest man in the world!

The most powerful man!

The most brutal man!

Now he is standing in front of them?


They must be dreaming!

At this time, Elvira and Sima Yan’er were completely eclipsed, unbelievably staring at Shaun, but they also stirred up stormy waves in their hearts.

Shaun, turned out to be the Lord of the Blood Prison?

This foolish family boiled him, and he turned out to be the man called the “Devil”?

They cannot accept it!

Especially, Elvira, she couldn’t believe that her husband, who had been with her for many years, turned out to be the terrifying demon who slaughtered the city and the country!

And she did not expect that the tattoo on Shaun’s body would be so promising!

The audience was shocked, everyone looked at Shaun with a ghostly expression!

In their hearts, the fear is extreme!

Because of this, he is the most powerful man in the world, even the leaders of major countries have to be polite in front of him!

Shaun felt that he had no idea that someone would recognize his tattoo. Now that everyone is staring at him like this, he can’t even argue.

Especially when he saw Elvira who was about to pass out in shock, he didn’t know what to do.

Just now!


A laugh full of ridicule and sarcasm suddenly sounded in the entire hall!

Everyone looked in astonishment, and saw Huang Fuxuan laughing disdainfully:

“You idiots, let this guy be fooled, just this waste? King of the Blood Prison? Laugh to death!”


Everyone suddenly changed their expressions.

Situ Hongrui’s face suddenly sank, pressing his panic in his heart, and asked:

“You mean, he is not the King of the Blood Prison?”

“Do you still need to ask?”

Huang Fuxuan smiled contemptuously, and said with extreme disdain: “Do you think that the dark emperor, who is so famous, will be the son-in-law who makes you laugh?”

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